Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The pressure is on!

OK well since it appears that there are people reading this crazy blog, I guess I've got to make it something worth reading.
Hmmm, since it also appears that my brothers are popular subjects, I will start off with them.
We all ran the Disney marathon about a month ago. And I've got pictures!!
Let me preface these pictures with: Yes, they are single...sort of. Both have girlfriends but there are no rings on any fingers!
There is something wrong with these pictures. See if you can figure it out.
Here are Stuart and David at about mile 10. Looks like another stroll in the park, right??!
Every picture of David looks like he was looking for the camera! Looks like he having too much fun too. He was obviously not concentrating hard enough on his pace!

And here is Stuart with his dramatic finish! At least he looks a little tired in his pic.

And then there is me. I look like I am about to die in each and every picture. This is the best one. I think I was actually trying to muster up a smile in this one...trying.

That is what is wrong with these pictures. Next time (if there is a next time) I will not be worried about my pace or my time or the terrible burning sensation in my quads. I will be making sure to find all the cameramen and get better pictures!
Ahhh, yes, I am a scrapbooker!
Remember: still working out the kinks here. It will get better...I hope! :)


Katie said...

Lovely post Gretchen. I'm just proud of you running the darn thing. I usually wimp out on the treadmill after a mile or two.

3QTGUYS said...

Girl, you know you are my hero! Enough said!

But, yes, the bros are cracking me up!!

I love it!

gretchenowens said...

love your new blog, gretchen....congrats on the run...i was wondering how it went...

have a great day,

yes, jill & fran made me start a blog, too...well, we went in together....anyways...not sure that i have too much to say...i'm sure you will come up with all kinds of fun things to write about...

lucyfarmer said...

You know how jealous I am. I really want to start running. Maybe instead of working on the kits, we can run! ha! just kidding. I actually put it in my day planner last week to run. Didn't check that one off the list. Connor and I ran on the beach on Saturday. I didn't get too far. I just want to be able to do it without getting winded. I know....start small. Tomorrow.

gimmegodiva said...

Great pics!!! Your parents sure made some pretty babies........

Lisa said...

You are really making me feel bad for skipping the treadmill so much!! Great pics though - and great job with the run!! You are awesome girlie!!

Britney said...

You did it!!! You're a beast! ;) I don't think I could ever do a marathon...props to yoU!

Virginia said...

Yeah, I don't even run to my mailbox, so you totally rock.

The pics of the brothers ARE rather nice, though. ;) (Is it okay for a married woman to say that? Just saying it subjectively, ya know... lol)

mary h. said...

Hahahaha! You're a better woman than I.

Plus, why is it that you have to post a half naked pic of your brothers? I feel like an old perve seeing that cause that are so young but just too dang adorable.lol.