Monday, April 18, 2011

New challenge!!

There's a new challenge up at Noel Mignon!
Now technically this shouldn't be a "challenge" but for me, it is.
The challenge is just to use stamps on a project.
For most people that is no challenge at all.
But for some reason, I don't ever stamp.
So this "challenge" was good for me then!
{well it was good after i finally found my dang clear block!}
And this stamp from the Jump & Jive kit is pretty cool so I really wanted to use it!

And this is what I made...
I think I used bits and pieces from 3 different Noel Mignon kits!
I love how well her kits all mix together!
And you know I don't want to waste a single bit!
The challenge runs until the 29th so come play along with us!
There is a pack of new Hambly washi tape up for grabs for one lucky participant!
Don't miss out!!
(here is the challenge)
And in other fun Noel Mignon happenings, here is a little taste of what is coming next!

happy day!!


jacque4u2c said...

You rocked the challenge it looks great! I have a hard time using stamps as well, but you really made a really cute background.

Luv2talk said...

I LOVE using stamps for cards, but here you showed us a great way to incorporate them into our LO's.

TOTALLY COOL USE of that stamp. LOVE IT!

*reyanna klein* said...

Cute layouts! Love how you used the stamp! :-)

And I love jackets too! (I went from Colorado to Minnesota to Rhode Island to TEXAS, so yeah, I acquired lots, and now... probably don't *need* all that many...) Actually, just the other day, I'm in my closet, and I think, "Wow, I have a lot of jackets. I probably should go through these and pare down."


It began like this, "Well, these four are my favorites... they are non-winter coats that are just plain cute, and each one is a must because at least one goes with every single thing in my wardrobe."

Then came, "And I only have this one windbreaker, even though I don't wear it *much*, I can't get rid of my only windbreaker! Plus, it's wicked cute! And this rain jacket! I almost forgot I had this. This is a staple, I must say! The blue is perfect, and holy cow, it's Helly Hansen... talk about quality! I haven't really worn this ALL that much either, but wow, when I have our baby and getting into the car will take longer, I will probably want this still!"

And following that... "And then I have these coats for winter! Come on, I need that down coat for when it's below freezing! Okay, I don't wear this vest. That should go. And this REI jacket... I could live without it. But these other ones? I wear ALL these! And I love all of them!"

I'm sure you didn't need to know my jacket story, but I thought I'd share... you're not alone in jacket love. ;-)

*reyanna klein* said...

Tell you what.... if I ever decide I don't, in fact, need my Helly Hansen, I'll send it your way! ;-)

Sandy Ang said...

Love how you scrapped a non-person photo. And the bits and pieces are so fab ! Hope you have a happy easter