Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am here

I survived the manager's meeting last weekend.
But because my employer took my weekend away from me, I am playing catch up this week.

I am here but with nothing too interesting to discuss at the moment.
Well, except maybe the mild heart attack I suffered this evening when the Tide left their offense in the locker room at halftime and nearly lost to Ole Miss.
Good grief.
I do have another post up here.
Do check it is more interesting than this one!
Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

YOU are not kidding. But, hey, a win in a win!

Amy L said...

My heart rate was up there for sure. They say there is no such thing as an ugly win, but I want want of those 46-17 wins!

Deanna said...

A heart attack? really? You should KNOW that Ole Mis will find a way to lose yet another game! C'mon woman! you grew up there, so you should know this already!!!

congrats btw. I saw it coming a mile away (and went to the grocery store instead, hehe.)