Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My apologies to Jr. Nation

This is very, very hard for me to admit.
But I am afraid it is all my fault.
Jr. used to dominate at Talladega.
Since he started full-time in Sprint Cup racing in 2000, he has won at 'Dega 5 times.
In a total of 18 starts here, he has 7 top 5 finishes and 10 top 10s.
(yes I realize it is sad I know these stats)

But he has not won a race at this super speedway since 2004.
And it is time for me to come clean.

Lee and I started going to races in the spring of 2005.
We have been to 7 of the last 8 races.
In 2 of those races Jr. wrecked (not either his fault, please note) and in another 2 races he blew an engine (stupid DEI).
His highest finished has been 7th and that was in the race we missed.

I hate that it has come to this but it feels good to get it off my chest.
My sincerest apologies to all of my fellow loyal Jr. fans.

I must just make him nervous.


Lucy said...

You have to be the CUTEST talladega fan in the world! I love all the pics. Too bad we missed it. Maybe in the spring. Hey, who knows, I might bring Jr. some luck....if I don't get bumped. Not to mention... I won't be there with his team! I love the recap....and man, you look good in green!

Andy Guo said...

oh,You are the CUTEST talladega fan!Me too!
Your blog is sparkling. It has a great appeal. How are U able to cope such a lot and too good for words. Meet me at Waiting with curiosity. To know your innovation.

learn chinese said...

Oh,I won't be there with his team! I love the recap and man!

Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

Great blog... I am not a physical therapist stalker... just happened upon it. Thanks.

Amy said...

you crack me up! love the photo of you.

Lisa said...

Such a cute picture of you with his car. I'm sure he's totally freaking out - 'that Gretchen girl is here again' - I can just hear him!! You know, I secretly think Kenny feels the same way when I'm at one of his shows ;)

Katie Burnett said...

since when do you have such a large Chinese readership? Sorry about Jr. this weekend. You just can't help it that you intimidate JR.

Virginia said...

Gretch you are hilarious. I love it! And you are the cutest.

Um and wow. Check out Andy who is waiting with curiosity to know your innovation. :)

3QTGUYS said...

You are so silly!

And, speaking of spam, obviously you get it too!

Now, onto the fortune cookies!