Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Opinions needed

Help me settle an, uh, disagreement.
So I am on this sushi kick, right?!
Really, though, I just like California rolls.
I can't do the raw thing.
And I got some spicy tuna rolls the other day just to be cool and I though they were just OK.
Which was probably a dumb move on my part since I am not a big tuna fan anyway.
{seriously, I was just trying to be cool and order a variety of sushi}
I will stick to my California rolls.
But Lee says that California rolls are not real sushi but only "wannabe sushi" since it is not raw or wiggling.
But I say that I order it off the sushi menu from the cute little man dressed in full Japanese garb behind the sushi counter so it is sushi.
{and I use chopsticks}
So what do you think?
Are California rolls sushi or not??




See that little poll over there on the left sidebar?
Tell me what you think.
And if you think California rolls are not sushi then I am going to need some sort of explanation thank you very much.



Anonymous said...

i know absolutely nothing about sushi so i have no idea. :)

Deanna said...

Y'all are hilarious! I love that you "argue" over such trivial things! Totally cracks me up! And tell Lee, that yes, I think California rolls ARE sushi!!! I'd have to site the same exact reasons you have. Oh, and next time try a crunchy shrimp roll. They're yumMMY!!!

erin said...

being a 4th generation Japanese American, I can happily answer that they are indeed sushi!
sashimi is the raw type of sushi.
let your husband know...he is not correct!

mary h. said...

I was going to tell you to tell Lee what Erin said, but... Also, Crolls are sushi because they do have fish roe in them and are wrapped with seaweed; hence the reasons I will not eat them. (When in doubt, aka to prove Lee wrong, look it up on Wikipedia.)

Harley Dee said...

Yip, what Erin said.. the definition of sushi is: In Japanese cuisine, sushi is vinegar rice, usually topped with other ingredients, including fish dishes.

Therefore, California rolls are sushi. And I love them too :D

joscelyne cutchens said...

I have to agree, california rolls are my favorite type of sushi (I also like cucumber rolls (kappa maki) and pickled plum rolls (ume maki) shrimp (ebi) and egg (tamago))
I agree with erin, sashimi is raw fish, sushi is rice with more ingredients.
where do you go for sushi? I think there is only one place in montgomery (we're moving in a few years)

Shelley Burkett said...

California rolls are on the sushi menu, therefore, they must be sushi, right? Try some kind of tempura... like super crunch or TIGER CRUNCH at Stix (my favorite sushi - it is fully cooked, sweet, and has shrimp on top....) I am a sushi addict these days, too.

Nubia said...

I have never even bothered with sushi so I am going to say yes because you should always be right.

Sara said...

They are as "sushi" as I get too, so to be cool, they are sushi!


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are definitely SUSHI. The raw type of sushi is called SASHIMI. So enjoy your California rolls sushi!!

amy said...

i think they're sushi. and the only other one i like is the dragon roll (it's got cooked eel but just a teeny bit).