Monday, August 17, 2009

Well that was fun

After a good 8 hours of sleep last night I think I have recovered from the lack of sleep I got this past weekend.
I taught a couple of classes.
I hung out with some of my favorite people.
I met and made new friends with more cool people.
I satisfied my craving for new scrapbook supplies by buying some of the newest My Mind's Eye, American Crafts, and Pink Paislee.
I even scrapbooked several pages and made a few cards.
But because I always get nervous when teaching, I did not sleep so much.
However, I had a good ole time at the Sweet Memories birthday bash!
Erin and her team did a great job with this event and we will definitely be going back if she does it again!
{especially if Kelly is there to sing to me}
{by the way, give it up Kelly and just read Twilight-everybody is doing it}
I was lucky enough to be joined by some great friends.
Look at Carol and Kelli getting their scrap on!
and Michelle and Lisa too.
{if you need a button or some string, Michelle is your girl!}

And here's Nubia who I managed to take like 6 pictures of before she noticed me.

And because we are scrapbookers we had to take a little time to get some real pictures together.
Here are my 2 stylish, supermodel friends Katie and Virginia.

Here's the whole group as we burned our eyeballs out staring up into the crazy sun.
{I really hope someone else got a better picture than this one!}

So that was my fun weekend!
How was yours?


Lisa said...

great pictures! your class was terrific - finally i got to take a gretchen class! woo hoo!

thanks for sharing the info on the event - i really enjoyed it (despite the sneezing and coughing).

erin yamabe said...

hi gretchen,
i think you're a great teacher, so those girls were lucky to get some time with you:)
it is always GREAT to be with girls who get our obsession with paper and glue, doing our thing.
happy monday.

Katie Burnett said...

you are the bomb diggity gmac.
my group picture is actually worse than yours.
so much fun hanging wit hou.

Michelle said...

I had so much fun! And your class was great!!! Love the album, I can't wait to add more pages & pics :)

Anonymous said...

The class was great! Loved it so much I had to buy more of it. They could not have picked a better teacher. Can't wait to take another one of your classes.

Kellie Dugan

Yohoo! Whoever is reading, if you haven't taken a class from Gretchen, your missing out!!!!

HoweverAlthough said...

I'm so bummed I had to miss it. I miss you!

jenney said...

Looks like fun!!