Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cards for a Cause **UPDATE**

OK so I know I said I would buy "guy" stuff with the rest of the money, but I heard this weekend that there is a distribution center in Cullman, AL running dangerously low on non-perishable food items.
So since there is a need there, I went the food route instead!
Now I am sure that all you couponing gurus out there could have bought an entire Publix, but I was pretty stoked about what I was able to get with the $155 I had left to spend from the cards yall bought!
I did hit up 3 different stores in search of the best deals:
Publix (for some buy 1, get 1 free deals & cereal on sale), Dollar General (twice! so I could use their $5 off if you spend $25 coupon more than once), & Wal-Mart (because I just feel like everything is cheaper at Wal-Mart).
And this is what I got!
{it looks like so much more on my kitchen table!!}
10 packs of spaghetti
8 cans of spaghetti sauce
5 big cans of baked beans
10 boxes of Hamburger Helper
15 boxes of Kraft mac & cheese
5 jars of peanut butter
10 cans of chicken
15 cans of tuna
5 family-sized of green beans
5 family-sized cans of peaches
5 family-sized cans of pears
15 cans of different Progresso soups
& 4 8-fun packs of various cereals

Thank you all who donated and bought cards!!
Hopefully there are going to be some fuller stomachs in the Cullman area soon!


Lucy said...

Thanks Gretchen! You are the best! I can't wait to take it up there this week!!

Cindy said...

God bless you Gretchen!! I volunteer at Connecting Cullman and we are very much in need of these items!! Thank you!!

makingstuffwithlove said...

What a wonderful thing you've done! I, too, volunteer there and am so grateful to you for providing these things. Bless you and thank you!