Monday, May 16, 2011

Last call for cards!!

**EDITED on 5/22: I've still got cards! If you buy them, I will keep donating all the proceeds to wherever there is a need!**
I've already spend the $600 that was donated!
I got $100 more last week!
Now I want to do a
last call for cards to help out the victims of the tornados here in Alabama on April 27th!
I will take the $100 & whatever I get through Friday and go shopping for boy stuff this time around!
There are a bunch of cards on this post, including several new ones since the last post.
If you want one or some, leave me a comment here or email me at
gretchenmcelveen@yahoo.comtelling me what you want.
{the name of the card is underneath each one}

Then paypal me at that same address or put a check in the mail with whatever contribution you would like to make.
{email me for my address}
And I will get the cards out to you asap!
{shipping is on me}

Then I will take whatever is contributed and load up on more stuff for tornado victims!!
So let me know if you want any of these cards for a cause!!

"Happy holidays"

"Dear friend"

"Let it snow"

"Thankful for you"

"Thank you-blue"

"I heart you"

"Remember good times"


"Love laugh dance"

"Celebrate today"

"Congrats lovebirds"

"Congrats newlyweds"

"Be mine"

"Just popping in..."

"Good luck"

"Glad to know you"


"Baby carriage"

"Wanna hang out?"

"Thank you -flowery"

"Love you - scalloped"
That's what I've got left!
Thank you in advance!

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