Friday, June 27, 2008

I've been scrappin'

So I thought I should share some stuff with you.
I received my first box of My Little Shoebox goodies this week & I couldn't wait to dig in!
I am not exaggerating when I say that my husband has been a yard-working fool this summer.
I don't know where his fascination with the yard came from but I am lovin' it!
This flower box was a little weekend project for him & it looks really great in our backyard!
I made this little pocket of tags (there are Bible verses on the tags) for a sweet friend.
This next one is just a little one about myself.
If you look closely, you can see a line of journaling that reads, "I am not a good cook."
I am not lying about that.
I have even done an entire layout about my lack of cooking skills that lists a bunch of kitchen mishaps I have had.
I have a new one to add.
I made some muffins this afternoon when I got home from work.
Now you ask, "What kind of muffins did you make?"
Well, just muffins.
You ask again, "No, like what flavor of muffins?"
Laughing, I have to tell you that they are just "muffins" because I forgot to add the blueberries.
And what is probably even worse is that I didn't even realize what I had done until after I had eaten about 1/2 a muffin!
Have a great weekend friends!


Lisa said...

LOVE the layouts - the little tags are really cute! There's a trick to making muffins - you just buy the mix where you add some water - and there's no way you can leave anything out. :)

Amy said...

great layouts! and i agree with lisa. buy the martha white mixes and all you add is milk. :)

erin said...

beautiful creations!!! i esp love your tag gift with scripture on them:) a very dear friend did that for me when i was going through a rough patch and it made a world of diff for me:)

Shelley Burkett said...

Great stuff, Gretchen. You are my scrap hero :)

You don't have to cook good when you scrap like a champ, right?

TanishaRenee said...

Lovin' your MLS projects- the pics of you are really cute!

Sara Dickey said...

holy moly!!! i did i not know that
G Mc has a new blog?!!!

love it! great layouts and the ice story it too funny!

Sara Dickey said...

that is suppose to read

how did I not know...but it's late and it really should go to bed

Ashley Beth said...

Gretchen - didn't know you blogged until I found you via Virginia's blog...I am so excited...I just love your work, and now I can check back often to see your latest creations!!!

I have my "You complete me" album perched in my studio and loving it!! :)

Virginia said...

Gretch, how cool are you? Your blog and creations always inspire me. Love that little pocket thingamajig... gonna have to lift that one. :)