Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Because in my warning above I promise "possibly funny stories", I thought I should share one.
So here goes...
Coming back from lunch today (& running late as usual I might add), I stop to do my good deed for the day. There was a lady trying to open a door while carrying a case of Dr. Pepper in what looked like a crummy box top. Not only was she just carrying lots of my favorite beverage in that box top but also there were several other things stacked on top. I had to go in that same door anyway, so I open the door for her. Well as she goes to walk through the door, the box (for the most part) just crumbles and down goes many, many cans of Dr. Pepper. If any of you have dropped a can of a carbonated beverage you know what happened as these cans hit the ground.
Seriously, it was like a Dr. Pepper fountain! Yummy soda was spraying everywhere!
By everywhere I also mean on myself. Yeah, I didn't get to enjoy Dr. Pepper like I usually like to. There was not a drop in my mouth but I did have a lot of it on my face, in my hair, all over my shirt, & soaking my pants and shoes.
Seriously, when I walked into my clinic (late, of course, by now) my co-worker asked, "Did it just start raining?" I proceeded to explain (not so nicely) to her the weirdness that had just happened and somehow clean the stickiness off my person. Then I had to gather myself to be able to treat a poor lady high on painkillers who had her ACL reconstructed yesterday and also somehow convince her that her Dr. Pepper-covered therapist was not completely a fool.
Seriously, did that just happen??
Happy hump day people!


Amy said...

oh you poor thing! how did you make it through the rest of the day? that's too funny, though. glad you weren't injured in any way or i wouldn't be laughing.

Anonymous said...

It would drive me insane not to be able to change! How did you manage

Katie said...

what a downer that all that DP went to waste!