Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I promised you a winner from all of you that left comments about which of the new My Little Shoebox lines was your favorite.
I wanted to do a cute little post with pictures of me drawing the name out of a jar, etc. etc.
But alas, this is all you get.
I have run out of time & really should be packing for CHA anyway right now.
But I promised a winner before I left so a winner you will get!
And since you are local girl, Linh, I have left you a copy of this new book from Memory Makers at Scrap Etc.
OK what else?
I've been making a bunch of stuff lately!
Well I was busy making stuff this past weekend rather than clean my house anyway.
But that is not really anything new...sadly.
I made some more stuff with the July kit from Scripts.
This is a little gift bag (cut with the Accucut) & then a notecard & envelope (also cut with the Accucut).
And since I was on a roll with the cards, I decided to go ahead and use the rest of the Jenni Bowlin journaling cards for a couple more.
Now on this one you have to imagine a "welcome" just to the right of the heart & above "home". Duh! I forgot to add the "welcome" before taking this picture & was just too lazy to take another picture. Sorry!
The newest collection from Scrap in Style goes on sale early next week.
I can't post my layouts yet but I thought I would at least leave you with some teasers to hopefully get you fired up about it.
Sorry, I know it is not much but I will post the entire layouts next week.
Until then, this will have to do:

And last but not least, I made this layout for the 5th week of the BHG Ultimate Summer Challenge they are doing over on their website.
The challenge was to use vacation photos and a template/sketch-thing they provided.
Well my layout made it into the top 10 this week & I need your votes to help me win this week!
I am in like last place right now so help a girl out!
Go vote here: BHG week 5 semi-finalists.
And just because I find my own journaling entertaining, the journaling reads:
Even though we love Disney, I have never considered us to be crazy Disney people like some people I know (coughcoughBSmithcoughcough). But 3 trips in 5 years of marriage & 1 more in the works does sound awfully freakish. Ready to go back!?

I am off to CHA at the crack of dawn in the morning so have a great weekend friends!



gimmegodiva said...

I just bumped your votes up 1!! I will try again tomorrow!
I think I will be at SE on the 26th- can't wait to see you!!

melita said...

Congrats to Linh! Have a safe trip Gretch and a fun time! Love all your cards! So adorable! Oh, and I voted! =)

erin said...

i'll be going to vote now, that we're home!
hope CHA was fun!

Linh Chin-Lai said...

Thanks Gretchen! Can't wait read that mag/book. MM has great books.

mary h. said...

You're such a little skinny tease!!!:P