Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday night blogging

There was a time in my life when I would not have been caught dead at home on a Saturday night; much less admitting it to anyone willing to read about it!
But, alas, I am 30 and perfectly content to hang at the house.
Plus I was out almost all day at the grand opening of the new & improved Scrap Etc.
It is fabulous with tons of space for classes and crops!
There is so much space that at one time I was almost compelled to do cartwheels between rows of paper.
But this 30-year-old body probably would not have survived that so I did contain myself.
While I was there I picked up some stuff from October Afternoon and I eventually plan on scrapping while watching the Olympics.
That is a perfectly good Saturday night if you ask me!
(This is probably going to be the world's longest post-not because of its content but because I am writing it during commercials. I am going on 1 hour already but that is probably because I always upload my pictures first and then do the typing.)
In other news, I am still working on the weekly challenges for the BHG Ultimate Summer Challenge.
The challenge this past week was to create a layout based on a sketch they provided using some of your favorite summer pictures.
Here is my take on it:
And what do you know?!! I made it into the top 10 this week.
If you feel so compelled, go vote for my layout here.
I can't win if you don't vote! :) Thanks!
While I was at CHA the girls from Glitz hooked me up with some of their new products to make a few things.
This was my first time to use anything from Glitz & let me tell you it won't be the last!
They have some incredible products!
I am excited to share some of the stuff I made!
Speaking of being 30, I have been meaning to do a layout playing on the Tim McGraw song.
I used a mix of his lyrics and my own thoughts to make this layout:
This paper could not be more perfect for some of the pictures from our excursion to Chicago.
This little wall hanging is made out of this album.
Who would have thought it!?!
I have had this album for months and was puzzled by its odd shape.
But at CHA, Eric from Cosmo Cricket showed us this super cute Christmas album made by one of their designers. She had simply turned the album so it looked like an ornament!
Pure genious I tell ya!
So I copied her and made this:
And a little closer look: (I am quite proud of my jingle bells!)

How cool is this guitar paper!?!
This is my friend Nubia's son Isaiah playing Guitar Hero at our house on July 4th.
The XBox provided more entertainment than the fireworks I suppose.
And with the scraps from the above layout, I made this:

So thank you Ginger, Laura, Erin, and Noel (who is my sweet petite friend & one of their designers) for hooking me up with your fabulous products!

Oh yeah, a HUGE CONGRATS to the new Scrap Etc. design team girls: Adrienne Nixon, Amy Nabors, Amy Steenwyk, Carol Snyder, Elizabeth Bailey, Lisa Tanner (or is it Turner?? hehe), Mandy Johnson, Nubia Posey, and Pat Bullard. Yall are in for it now! :)

OK Michael Phelps and Dana Torres are about to swim so I must go!
Have a great weekend!


Andrea S. said...

Such talent. Loved the commentary on each of your projects. After seeing them in the store yesterday, it's great to hear about what you used and why you made each piece. :) Had fun at lunch! Hope to you all you girls again soon...

Molly B said...

Gretchen, GREAT layouts! I love Glitz too and I know that bling/icing is going to be a major weakness for me.

Congratulations to the new design team also! It is great to see some fresh faces manning the post... you are all talented and deserving. I hope you enjoy the DT!

Katie said...

Love love love the layouts GMac. What a dork sitting at home on a Saturday night : D

Jenney said...

Super cute projects, girl!!!

erin said...

you've been busy, and i'm lovin your stuff girl!

Amber said...

Looking at scrap blogs and found yours. Nicely done:) Lots of good ideas.

Laura said...

I love what you did with the Glitz products Gretchen!! Beautiful!! Thanks!!

noel joy said...

you're so stinkin' cute. love what you did with all of the fun glitzy stuff. :)