Monday, October 25, 2010


I've been doing a little Halloween decorating around the house and at work!
I was totally inspired by these fabulous little flags that Kerry Lynn made and I decided to make some similar stuff.
I combined some of KI's Wicked line with the new Over the Rainbow collection to make these picks.
I am going to add these into some vases at home and work.
However, I am pretty sure this one is going to go in the pen jar where my patients have to sign in before each therapy visit!
{insert evil laugh here}
Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Well happy Monday folks!


Virginia said...

Um- LOVE these times a billion!

Jennifer said...

super cute!! :)

CJ said...

How stinkin' cute! Fill you vases with candy corn! =)

CJ said...

... "your" vases, not "you" vases.

Sorry. That would have bugged me all day.

Keshet said...

These are super cute!!

Cassie said...

These are amazing!!!
I adore them!!!
Thank you so much for linking up to Paper Issues!!!
I will be featuring you tomorrow!

Ania said...

Love this simple yet totally playful approach! :)

Hayley G said...

These are just too cute for words. I think I'm going to make some christmas style ones. Very cool!

K13 said...

I love cute!! I love the paper designs..are they pre made diecuts though? Specifically, the "BOO" and "Beware"? I would love to make some of these!

Gretchen said...

yes K13 they are premade die cuts! they are from the KI Flourish tag pad to be exact! (

K13 said...

Thanks so much!! I love them!!