Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It was beautiful

And very sweet.
And alot of fun!
The bride was gorgeous.
The groom was handsome.
The weather couldn't have been better.
There was no drama.
There was, however, a missing wedding band.
But the sister (coughcoughmecough) came to the rescue.
And all but one of the bridesmaids stumbled a little bit going up the stairs.
{of course i was not the one but thank you for thinking about it for just a second}
But I did not fall on my face.
There were some bets between me and the baby brother about how much Dave would cry.
I was sure Dave would be a wreck.
Stu thought he would be stronger than that.
Well Dave lost it when Ginny came down the aisle.
So I win that one.
But he did make it through his vows without cracking.
It was a wash.
Should I bust Stu and mention how he couldn't get through his little toast at the rehearsal dinner without a box of Kleenex??!
{the brothers...no tears pictured}

{Dave and his best man...aka my dad}

{with the mother of the groom with her hair did!}

{the fam with my grandmother Grams who cannot look at the camera to save her life}

And they are married!
{March 12, 2011}

You know it is a fun wedding if my Lee will voluntarily get out on the dance floor and cut a rug!


Virginia said...

My eyes cannot handle the gorgeousness of these photos. Gretch, you looked AMAZING!!! So glad you had a good time! :)

Anonymous said...


Just call me "B" said...

Gretch! These are gorgeous! You look so beautiful!!!!

I mean, that Ginny....she is marrying into a super hot family! Look at all of y'all! Wow!