Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i've got nothin'

too much work
too much wedding
too much traveling
not enough time
not enough scrapping!
I have been trying to clean up and organize my pictures and put everything on an external hard drive.
And I stumbled upon some very old layouts I made and started doing a little scrappy reminiscing!
For example, the first ever design team I was on was for an online store called Essence of Memories
{unfortunately it is no longer open...no comments Katie or Virginia!}
The first design team box I got was full of Gen X stuff.
{anyone remember that company??! i think it had another name too. i loved it whatever it was called!}
The first assignment as a team member was to do an "all about me" layout.
And I made this layout too with all my goodies.
This was just the first of many times that I scrapped feet on the beach pictures!
And then here are first 2 layouts I ever had published.
They were in the same issue of Scrapbook Trends but I don't remember which issue exactly.
{i am pretty sure i have the original issue around here somewhere!}
I got the emails requesting the layouts when I was at work and dangit if no one there wanted to share my excitement!!
Here is the first layout I ever had published for pay.
It was for a special issue of Memory Makers.
And it further deepened my love of Nascar.
And unlike most of the layouts on this post, I still like this page!
And this might be my favorite layout off all time.

My style used to be alot funkier.
Now it is pretty clean and normal.
I wonder why the change.
Maybe it is my old age.
And I hope you enjoyed my trip down scrappy memory lane!
No laughing at my layouts!


Amy L said...

I did love this trip down memory lane, especially to remember that last page!

Michelle Whitlow said...

Don't you love looking at 'old' pages??! Funny how our styles change. I still have some older ones I like...some, not so much!

Luv2talk said...

Yea, that last page is AWESOME! You got some great shots and pieced them together perfectly.

Thanks for sharing!

Michele said...

The "why scrapbook" layout has been a favorite of mine for a while. I have scraplifted in on numerous occassions. :)

Joan V said...

Love all your old pages. Thanks for sharing.