Monday, December 12, 2011

While I was gone...

While I was gone, this good lookin' guy and I celebrated 9 whole years of marriage!

{old layout...just wanted to share}

We made our traditional trip up to Gatlinburg
for a weekend away.

Other than the trip getting off to a rocky start when the transmission in Lee's car went out while we were passing through Chattanooga, it was a fabulous weekend!
(guess what Lee is getting for our anniversary!)
While I was gone, these fun cards were posted over on the Bella Blvd blog.

During this time of year I always need Christmas cards (of course) and thank you notes!
So I am getting a jump on both!

While I was gone, I have been a bad blogger!
I promise to do better.


*reyanna klein* said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

You guys got married just 17 days before us!! Neato! We celebrate 9 years on Christmas Day. :-)

p.s. I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and when I came upon my Helly Hansen stuff, I totally thought of you! *sigh* I still have yet to wear them here in Texas. Going on 3+ years now. Perhaps on the next rainy day, I should pull out that jacket. Man, it's nice! :-D

Deanna said...

LOVE that picture of you two! Great cards too!