Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whip it up Wednesday

I know, I know...
it's not Wednesday!
But yesterday was!
And it was "Whip it up Wednesday" over on the Pebbles blog!
That means you have to whip up a project in less than 30 minutes.
Challenge accepted!

I think what takes me the longest when I am scrapping a layout is printing out all the pictures.
And that is my least favorite part of the process!
One thing that has saved me a lot of time recently is printing out my pictures in a fun collage.
I love my collages!
I use my local Walgreens to print mine, but I am sure there is a feature you could use in your photo editing software (if you are more computer-savvy than I am!).
Once I have my collage ready to go, it is just a matter of adding it to my background paper and decorating around it!
I can easily make a layout in 30 minutes or less this way!
Like this one...

{all supplies are Pebbles}
Happy THURSDAY folks!!

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