Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes it is!

Supplies: Patterned paper (My Little Shoebox), Hero Arts Stamps (butterfly stamp and this border stamp), Markers (American Crafts)
It is a great day!

{And I am trying to be overly positive this week because I have to go to work "retreat" this weekend. I use "retreat" lightly because most retreats are fun. This will not be. I have to give up my weekend to go talk about work with a bunch of work-obsessed people who cannot talk about anything else. No scrapbooking for me. No watching the Alabama game. No lounging around in my jeans and tennis shoes. It sucks. I dread it every year. And after missing out on my weekend I have to go to work on Monday...and be happy about it. Ha! Bah humbug!}
So right now, it is a good day!
{but I am pretty sure Saturday is not going to be}


Virginia said...

Poopity poop poop poop on them, I say! :(

Jeans said...

you are so cute. i love it!

PS. i met your husbands, brother's girlfriend (Kasey/Casey ??) the other day! :) We are on the Ultimate Frisbee team at UT together!