Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's starting to look alot like Christmas

The tree has been bought.
The decorations are being put out.
The house smells like cinnamon.
Supplies: Patterned paper, rub-ons, chipboard embellishment, brads (KI Memories)

I usually love Christmas.
Up until about 3 years ago I adored Christmas.
But I will admit that my attitude has been more bah-humbugish than it should have been over the past few years.
It stems from the trying to be in 3 places at once so that we see every family member at the time when is most convenient for them which usually means spending way too many hours in the car and not being able to actually just BE and enjoy the holiday while still managing to piss off someone because we were not able to accomodate them just like they wanted.
{how is that for a run-on sentence!!??}
Last year's Christmas was an all out disaster.
I mean, there was a family member who refused to talk to me for a few months.
{it was so bad I haven't even scrapped it and don't really want to...somethings may be best not remembered}
So freakin' bah humbug!
This year is going to be better!
I refuse to let my Christmas be ruined.
I am not going to stress.
I am not going to try to be in 1,000,000 places at once.
Supplies: Patterned paper, chipboard sentiment, border stickers (KI Memories), bling (Heidi Swapp)

So there might be lots of Christmas stuff on this blog over the next month.
It is all in my effort to enjoy the holiday.
I watched Elf Monday night.
Tonight I am watching the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting thing on TV and Rob Thomas just sang a song to me.
This year is already off to a good start!


Katie said...

i know how you feel about it getting to be bad. we've had this conversation. Loving you and praying you have a better holiday season. maybe we need a yuletide sc.

Michelle said...

I can totally relate. And once you let go of the "trying to please each and every single person in my family during the holidays" you'll feel much better!! I've told family I will not travel in December (or at least before Xmas). That's just how it is. Hope this holiday season is less bah humbug for you :)

Meet Virginia said...

Hey girl. HOpe this year is better for you! Will pray for you. ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN pretty lady.

Just call me b said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better....if/when kids come into the gets harder...but you can kind of call the shots!, we can't come there, the baby doesn't travel, we can't come....Santa's bringing BIG gifts this, we can't come....excuse, excuse....but they are all pretty legit!!!

But, I totally understand...but, quit the bah humbug...and get happy!