Monday, August 30, 2010


Anybody remember this layout from a few years ago??
Well I thought it was time for an update...
Supplies: Patterned paper, stickers (Little Yellow Bicyle), Brads (American Crafts)

Journaling reads:
I did a layout in 2006 titled "Daddy's Little Girl" about Shada & Lee. I wrote on the layout about how Shada cowers if Lee disciplines her but she basically ignores me if I try. She greets him energetically at the door but she might not know I exist. I mentioned how she comes a running if he calls her but she plays deaf with me. Since 4 years have passed since that previous layout, I figure it is time for an update. So here's the update: there is no update! Refer back to previous layout. My status has not changed & Shada is still very much her Daddy's little girl. Maybe things will eventually change...ha!
as of 2010
Hope your Monday was a good one!

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s.silverhatband said...

OMG, I loved that first layout. I though my husband and our Marley was the same. HA HA. thanks for the update. I finally found your blog, so I'm checking it everyday. Thanks for the great layouts and interesting pages. I love it.