Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Send a Valentine!

Yesterday was my day to put up a challenge on the KI blog.
Well yesterday was 1 week until Valentine's Day.
So the challenge seems like an obvious one!
The challenge??
Send a Valentine!
Make a gift.
Send a card.
Buy some candy.
Leave a note.
Just do something to make someone's Valentine's Day great!
I made little happys (how do you spell that??) for my girls at work.
I used my KI supplies to make tags to put on some treats.

The lips lollipops came from Wal-mart...fabulous!!
So that's the challenge!
If you make something, link it up to the KI blog and make sure you comment
here too!
You have 6 days...hop to it!

1 comment:

Katie Burnett said...

Are one of those "K" Valentines for ME???
Also, change your blog background. Shabby Blogs switched its server.