Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

uh, on Thursday.
because when i was working on this yesterday i had a omg-why-is-my-credit-card-bill-so-high-and-i-think-i-may-have-double-booked-myself-on-the-same-weekend-in-2-different-states-freak-out-kind-of-moment so i never got finished.
And since every one else is doing it,
I now go wordless...
{march 12, 2011}


Deanna said...

No Snooki at all!!! You look beyond fabulous! Wow! And Lee looks pretty good too.

mollydianeh said...

WOW! fabulous looking couple!!

I had the same kind of OMG why in the WORLD did they charge WHAT for WHO???? and spent most of my day off from working in our local ER...trying to communicate...with a "communication" co!!!!!!!
I posted about it on my blog. It was strangely satisfying that I'm not "the only one" to have those kind of days. Hey, I look at it this way...I've already passed my "stress test" for this year!!! {}

Anonymous said...