Monday, September 26, 2011

Card/envelope tip!

You know what drives me crazy??
I get so annoyed when I go to mail a card I've made
and I can't find an envelope to fit!
I try to make standard sized cards, but I am always running out of standard sized envelopes.
You now what I do have a ton of though??
I do have tons of these ugly legal-sized envelopes!

These legal-sized envelopes measure about
4 inches wide x 9 1/2 inches tall.

And now I think I will make cards to fit these envelopes!!

To make a card to fit, I cut a piece of black cardstock
8 inches wide x 9 inches tall.
Then I folded it in half to make a card measuring
4 inches wide x 9 inches tall.

Then I pulled out my Study Hall kit from Noel Mignon
to decorate the front of the card.

And it fits perfectly in my ole boring legal envelope!

So if you are like me and always run out of your smaller, cute envelopes, try changing up the sizes of your cards to fit the envelopes you do have!
Just something to think about!
Happy Monday yall!


K13 said...

Awesome card!! Great inspiration for me as I have that same problem!! I'm going to have to make some tall & skinny cards too!! Thanks!

Deanna said...

Love that tip! And that card is gorgeous! how 'bout I get you some small envelopes for Christmas? ;) If only we exchanged gifts. hehe!

Educational Resources said...

Very Lovely card. Great!!!