Sunday, September 11, 2011


I remember sitting in class during PT at UAB.
The class was interrupted by a normally-calm professor who told us anxiously that planes were crashing in New York City.
I remember all 48 of my classmates and a few professors sitting in the teeny tiny break room right outside of the classroom watching the small TV hanging on the wall.
We were sitting around a couple of tables; some people were on the floor; a few people sat on the counter; others were just leaning against the drink machines.
I remember sitting there for what seemed like hours.
I remember there being silence as we just watched the TV.
After that day it was back to the routine as normal for all of us.
But for so many, many people life would never be the same again.
Never forget.
God bless America!

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mollydianeh said...

Amen..."sistah". I spent my 12 hrs. (plus) shift at our local ER stocking up our trauma rooms. We were a modest ER (then) with only 12 rooms in the ER and 53 rooms in the whole hospital! Clearly, not a trauma status ER! All of us were busy and didn't talk much except to go over how in the world would we "really" implement our mass casualty plans! Living in the Metro Atlanta area...were WE? next. Thankfully, stopped in Shanksville, Pa. I was a Paramedic/firefighter living and working in Georgia; but my heart was bleeding for NYC. Thanks, Gretchen, for sharing your 9/11 day and posting a well written tribute.