Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Challenge: Archery

Good morning!
It's my day to post challenges for Summer Camp over at Noel Mignon!
It has been an exciting week so far!
And it is only Wednesday!
One of my favorite activities at camp every summer was archery.
Was I any good at it??
Absolutely not!
I was terrible in fact.
But it didn't matter.
I signed up every year!!
So my challenge to you this morning is an archery challenge:
Use arrows on a layout!
Here is the 2-page layout I made for the challenge:

I don't know how much of a "challenge" this is really.
It's an easy one for sure!
Arrows are all over the place right now!
Hint: If you have the "Our Summer" kit from Noel Mignon you are all set!
There are lots of arrows in this kit:
arrow embellishments, arrow patterned paper, even arrow washi tape!

It's not too late to get in on the fun over at Noel Mignon's Summer Camp.
Join us over on the Facebook page!
And thanks for stopping by today!

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