Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fun stamping technique!

Good morning!
Y'all know I am not much of a stamper so you are probably shocked that I am actually sharing a "stamping technique" today.
Well pick your jaw up from the floor because I am!
Disclaimer: I am pretty sure this is not some earth-shattering, never-done-before technique but I am sharing it nonetheless.
I am going to show you how to make the flower on this card.

I made this card with my "Our Summer" kit from Noel Mignon and in the kit was the teardrop-shaped ink pad that I used.
If you don't have the same ink pad I used, you can also use one of the cateye ink pads.
All you need is a sheet of white paper/cardstock, ink pad, pen, & scissors.

And this is what you do...
1). Stamp the ink pad all over the white paper.
These will be your "petals".
I use 5 petals for my flower but I stamped a few extra so I could choose the ones I liked best.

2). Outline the petals with black pen.
Don't worry about outlining them perfectly.
Sometimes the messiness is more fun!

3). Now cut them out.
Once again, don't worry about cutting them out precisely.

4). Arrange them like a flower and add a fun center!

Now you have a fun flower to add to a project!

So there it is...probably the one and only stamping technique you will ever see from me!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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