Monday, September 22, 2008


I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who took time to go and vote for Katie.
She did not win.
It was an injustice.
I am pretty sure the contest was rigged.
No offense to the winner.
I just love Katie and her book.
On a happier note, PAIGE is the winner of some goodies from me for voting!

(Since you are a local, Paige, I will just leave everything at the store for you...but probably not until Wednesday)
I promise a better post soon, very soon.
I do have some stuff to share but it is getting late and I must go run.
Or I will not be able to keep up with Brittney-with-2-t's.
Happy Monday!


3QTGUYS said...

Hey, Paige! Way to go!

Katie Burnett said...

thanks again for the support gmac!!! THanks everyone for voting!

Paige said...

Wow! Thanks Gretchen! I believe the voting might have been rigged too! I look forward to my goodies!

Paige said...

Thanks for my goodies Gretchen! I was so excited to get the magazine b/c I recently let my subscription end and now they want like $30 to renew.....I'm so cheap! And the paper/stickers and such rock too.