Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a day!

It started off by running late to work.

Then I dropped a bit of my breakfast bar on my shirt while eating it at work since I was running late and did not get to eat it before I got to work.

I noticed on my way home from lunch that the concealer under my left eye that I put there to try to cover the dark circles did not get rubbed in too well and was instead all nice and splotchy for everyone to see.

When I got home I happened to notice that the tank top I was wearing under a v-neck top was on inside out. Fabulous. And I did not even get dressed in the dark.

Then on my way back to work after lunch I dropped my opened (of course) lipstick into my lap. Yep, khaki pants today, not black ones. I also managed to get it on the seat of my car. I am pretty sure that won’t come out.

Let me remind you that I do not have any kids to blame any of this on.

By this time I want to crawl back into bed and just wake up tomorrow without breakfast bar on my shirt or lipstick in my lap.
But I manage to make it through the rest of the afternoon without further disaster.
But when I pull up to my house, I see this sitting on my doorstep:
And I have not had such a good day in a long while!

A big ole THANK YOU to all of the generous sponsors who hooked me up!
And another THANKS to Patty Craft and Katie Hilbert and the rest of the Memory Makers staff who strategically packed a whole bunch of scrapbooking goodness into this fabulous box.

Have a great day!


Deanna said...

Awww! so sorry you had such a rough day! Nothing like good scrappy mail to make it all better! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

melita said...

what a great day to get some scrappy mail! it'll be all good fact, I see a LO coming out of this ;)

Amy said...

I want to see what's in that box!!! That is a BIG box!! I hope you have a better day today (clothes-wise at least :)

Katie Burnett said... us what is IN the box!!!!

Linh Chin-Lai said...


Can't WAIT to SEE what's in the BOX!

Congrats again. YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

Nubia said...

sorry you had such a bad day. But I may have to go by your house after work and check out the box!!

Leah said...

I'm with the other girls..spread that stuff out and show us what all was in it!! Congrats!

TanishaRenee said...

OK, I'm chuckling because I have had one of THOSE days, I'm sure that big ole box of heavenly scrap goodies washed it all away!

Laura T. said...

Oh my gosh -- talk about Murphy's Law - you poor thing. But, look at the good side - you received that HUGE box and we can't wait to see what's inside.

gimmegodiva said...

Yeah-- open it up and snap some pics! Can't wait to see all your goodies!!

Karen said...

what a great way to end a not so great day!

Jenney said...

Ugh sorry about the unlovely day but at least the sb goodies make up for it!!! Can we see what you got so we can drool??

Virginia said...

I'm glad you had that big ol' box to make your day/week! Sorry for all the insanity... :P

We need to see in the box. Heck, we still need to see pics of the inside of your scraproom- hint, hint. ;)

Kelly said...

Man! How do I get a box like that??? I always have days like that that don't end in presents!
Congratulations on your Good Luck!

Kelli said...

that's all scrapbooking stuff! HOLLY PRIMA FLOWERS AND BAZZILL Batman! so fun!

gretchen owens said...

Congrats on the BOX! How fun...can't wait to see what is inside!