Monday, September 1, 2008

Updated blog = Productivity. Go figure

So I am having a totally lazy Labor Day.
That is probably what the day is supposed to be for but I am feeling a wee bit guilty right now for my lack of productivity.
Is it strange that when I thought, "What can I do to make myself feel a little productive?" my first response was, "Oh! I should update my blog!"
My response was not to fold the clothes sitting in my dryer or clean up my scraproom or clean out my car (Heaven forbid!) or return the pants that I bought at Old Navy last week (not too small but too short. why do I keep thinking my long legs will fit into their short britches?).
My response was instead to get on the computer. Geez.
But it is a holiday for goodness sake!!

Anyway, I forgot that I have not yet shared my My Little Shoebox layouts for August.
This is a 2-pager (click on it to see it larger) about my friend Nubia.
Here is the journaling on this one:
I love my sweet, petite, little friend Nubia.
I feel gigantic standing next to
her 5-foot-nothing little frame.
And this snapshot of me patting her on the head
(which is really a mistake of a picture)
just cracks me up!
This little cutie belongs to our friends Erika and Brad. When they were at our house recently Kylie managed to pick almost all of the tomatoes off of Lee's tomato plants.
But, seriously, with those big blue eyes, how could we be upset?!
And a little card that looked alot cooler in my head but I guess it turned out pretty cute.
I hope you are having a great (and productive) Labor Day!


Adrienne said...

Cute Lo's!

Lisa said...

that card is very adorable!! love it!

Sasha said...

THAT'S IT .. cuz of you I am going to do a 2 page LO like TODAY as soon as I ripped this uniform off .. girl that is beautiful .. especially the one pager you got goingon ..

So how are you honey .. I mean you are just doing big things since I last saw you .. so keep it up ..

Jenney said...

Hey girl!! I can totally relate to Nubia being so "little" around you! =) Great layouts as always!

Ronda P. said...

I totally understand about the productivity...rather scrap or update the blog then laundry, clean the kitchen, or grocery shop. Such very cute layouts and I love that card! Completely awesome.