Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gentlemen, start your engines!!

Actually today it should have gone like this: Gentlemen and ladies, put on your running shoes!!
I did the inaugural Talladega 21000 (aka 1/2 marathon) this morning.
13.1 miles around the superspeedway and surrounding could I resist!?!!
So decked out in my Dale Jr. t-shirt and new black skirt just for the occasion, I embarked on my Nascar running experience.
We started on the track, ran down pit road, went around turns 1 & 2, then went out and above the track to run around turns 3 & 4.
{looking down at those turns from above them was crazy cool!}
Then we ran out behind the track and around the grounds for a few miles.
We came back to the track about mile 8-9, ran through the infield, through the grandstands/under all the towers, and ran above turns 1 & 2.
The final 2.5 miles was 1 lap around the track.
And that was good stuff!
Look at me trying to catch this guy at the end!
I had stuck with this guy for about 7 miles and then he took off, leaving me in his dust.
I tried to keep up but totally ran out of steam at about mile 8.
I think he ran out of steam about mile 12 because I could see him ahead of me and I was gaining on him!
Please note that I am crossing the finish line before him.
I am pretty sure he hated me.
My goal was under 2 hours and I was so, so close!
After the race it was picture-taking-around-the-cool-track time!
I was amazed at the steepness of the turns.
I mean, I knew they were steep.
I have witnessed my fair share of Talladega races.
But I guess until you see it for real, you don't really comprehend it.
This is as far as I could walk up the track at turn 1.
I just slid down if I went any farther.
I don't know how the cars don't topple over!
{I guess going 180 mph helps a little}
And these pictures don't really even do it justice!

And now I am going to go nurse the 2 large blisters I have on the arches of my feet.
Happy Saturday!


Virginia said...

Aw you look so cute & stylin' Gretch! Love it! You are the running queen... maybe I'll be there with you next year! (You know, once I can start training AFTER the baby is born!!!)

Katie Burnett said...

Ok. You probably need to put me on a running plan NOW if I am going to be running this with you next year. A promise is a promise. Maybe if I promise myself a shopping spree and a massage after. Also, you will have to run ahead of me. I'll be the wimp in the back.

Nubia said...

Great Job Gretchen! Maybe the weather will cooperate on days when Trey is home and I can resume to run my half mile! HA

erin said...

wow, go gretchen!
you look really cute out there:)

mary h. said...

Ouch!!! 2 blisters? Seriously? All that for pain, doesn't seem like my kind of fun. Happy you enjoy it though.;) Congrats on being so close to your goal. Btw, I never really knew those turns were so steep either. WOW!

joscelyne cutchens said...

that is so funny! I love that you finished before mr green shirt! I am so NOT a runner and I am in awe!

60 Mile Walk said...

Fantastic! I know this one was a dream come true for you!

Go girl. I bet you finished 88th!