Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Little Shoebox + Hambly = Love

This month the My Little Shoebox team got a special treat.
We got to work with Hambly along with our usual My Little Shoebox stuff.
How fun that was!
I had the Turtles and Trees line from My Little Shoebox as well as overlays, rub-ons, and stickers from Hambly to play with.
Want to see what I made??!
You know I had a fun time making these little sushis.
And Lee had just as much fun making fun of me and how clever I thought I was being.
Supplies: Hambly (green overlay, white rub-on), My Little Shoebox (patterned papers, chipboard letters, ribbon, photo corner)

I love how you can use the Hambly overlays to create your own "patterned paper" to match whatever you are working on.
This is a silver tiny circle overlay over black cardstock with the white butterfly overlay on top of that.
And the My Little Shoebox papers and die cut corners are a great compliment!
Supplies: Hambly (tiny circles & butterfly overlays), My Little Shoebox (patterned papers, chipboard letters, photo corners)
I can't get enough of this butterfly overlay!
I think I used every last bit of it except for the big butterfly & I am saving it for something else special!
Supplies: Hambly (butterfly overlay), My Little Shoebox (patterned papers, chipboard letters, ribbon)

This month for our My Little Shoebox design team projects we were to focus on the chipboard alphas & transparencies on our layouts.
Well, I love chipboard so that was easy!
Supplies: My Little Shoebox (patterned paper, ribbon, chipboard letters), Hambly (white rub-ons)

I cut 2 corners off the sheet of chipboard alphas to make the photo corners for this layout.
And I attached the transparencies here with brads to add a bit of color and, well, because I needed some brads on the layout {duh!}.
Supplies: My Little Shoebox (patterned paper, transparencies, chipboard letters)
And a fun card to finish it off!
Supplies: My Little Shoebox (patterned paper, die cut, chipboard letters)
{Don't forget about the My Little Shoebox design team call that ends May 15th. Don't let it sneak up on you! Learn more details here.}
Thanks for looking!

Happy Wednesday!


erin said...

oh, so so cute!
just recently posted with the same title...
and being a japanese american woman, i love how creative you were with your sushi!

Sara said...

I love all your layouts, but I particularly loved the sushi - how creative!

Virginia said...

I see the butterfly bug has bit you big time too. Hhehehe

Love it all!

TanishaRenee said...

absolutely adorable Gretchen!!!

Jana Eubank said...

Awesome projects, Gretchen!!! :D :D :D

disa said...

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