Saturday, April 25, 2009

Star sightings

I will admit that when I signed up for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon in Nashville I secretly hoped to run into some famous people.
{pun intended}
I hear that lots of country music people are runners!
{well maybe not "lots" but several!}
And look who I found first!
It is the Social Queen of Samford!
{aka Brooke Elder my college roommate}
Seriously, this girl knew everybody at school and we barely made it to our corral in time today for her stopping to talk to 1/2 of Nashville.
But we did make it finally and then Brooke rocked her first 1/2 marathon!
It's Dane from The Biggest Loser!
When I asked if I could take his picture he said, "If you can keep up."
{and since my legs were fresher than his because I only ran 1/2 has far as he did I most certainly kept up to get a picture}
He was nice enough to give me a wave as I yelled, "I love The Biggest Loser! You look awesome! You are doing great!"
{and then he probably turned to his wife and rolled his eyes}
:) ______________________________________________________________
Ooooh then look who I found:
The World's Cutest Running Couple!
{aka Brittney and Scott Smith}{my heros who did the whole marathon!}
Brittney was even nice enough to take a picture in midstride with this adoring fan!
All this running and celebrity sighting has worn me out!
Good night!


60 Mile Walk said...

You know you are one funny girl!

susanv said...

I have been reading your blog for a while and I was shocked to see a photo of Brooke Elder ... b/c you guessed it ... I know her too! We go to church together and we have several mutual friends from Samford (mine from Law School and hers from undergrad). I actually found your blog via Molly Bridges that I met through another scrapbook buddy. It truly is a small world!

mary h. said...

Love it!

Bethany Kartchner said...

What fun!