Monday, May 17, 2010

the 17th one

I want to make sure there are at least a few good pages of just Lindsay with Bryson since she is already way too much behind the camera rather than in front of it! Supplies: Patterned paper (My Little Shoebox), Buttons (Little Yellow Bicycle)

Have a great day!!



cris said...

Im big fan of you. One more great lay inspire me

Kirby said...

what a great layout! and, no, not sick of seeing them. i'm trying to do a layout a day this month, far, so good. quick question i'm hoping you'll know the answer to - do you know if there's going to be a kenner road kit this month? thanks much, Gretchen - and keep those layouts coming - you're inspiring me to do the same!

Gretchen said...

Kirby, no more KR kits! booo!! she is closing the kit part of her business. i am so sad!! :(