Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy fall yall!!

Supplies: One Fall Day line from Bella Blvd

And I thought I was so clever by putting a little something on the inside of this card!
Just picture a cute little scarecrow stuck out in the middle of a cornfield.
There are so many directions you could go...
"Wanna hang out?? You know where you can find me!"
"Wanna hang out?? I'll be here."
"Wanna hang out?? I've got plenty of time."
"Wanna hang out?? I'm kind of bored."
"Wanna hang out?? I'm not too busy!"
"Wanna hang out?? I'm stuck in a rut!"

Oh I could go on!
But it is getting pretty cheesy so I will quit!
Happy fall yall!


Virginia said...

Love it! So adorably cheesy, Gmac!

Cassie said...

That little scarecrow guy is so darn cute, I can't stand it!!