Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taking you on a tour

Taking you on a little tour of my scrap space that is!
Let me preface these pictures by saying that my scrap space is SMALL!
It started off as unfinished attic space off of our bedroom that my husband finished while I was away for a weekend.
{i know, how sweet!}
It is small & has a slanted ceiling on one side which makes it fun I think!
But because it is small, and I tend to be a tight wad, I sacrificed some "cuteness" for practicality and efficiency!
I love it though!
When you open the door to my scrap space, this is what you see.

My makeshift desk is a $20 door from Home Depot resting on 2 file cabinets.
{see what I mean about being a tight wad!!}
I keep my die cut machines on this so I can reach them easily.
On the right, in a few Cropper Hoppers, I keep new-ish paper from my favorite manufacturers.
On the left...well that is a bunch of layouts that I need to put in albums!
This is what is hanging from the desk/door.
I made it all by myself but got the idea from an old article in BHG Scrapbooks Etc featuring Erika Gruhm's scrapspace.
All I did was handstitch (because I am scared to use a sewing machine) some fabric so that I could slide it onto a dowel rod.
Then the dowel rods are resting in some hooky things that I screwed into the door. These curtains are a great way to hide a mess! Trust me.
The shelves above my desk hold buttons, paint, random stamps, glitter glue, & some rolls of ribbon.
OK, now immediately to the right when you walk in my scrap space is this old CD/DVD shelf that I saved from being thrown away.
I spray painted it and voila!
Then next to the CD shelf, I have stacked a few of these little drawer thingys. These are great to hold a bunch of little stuff that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle!
On top of the CD shelf & little drawer thingys I have these pink baskets that I got from the Target dollar spot.

I keep essentials in these baskets.
And since I have an addiction for brads and bling, I have a couple of baskets just for those things too!
Now if you look to the left when you walk in, there is this bookshelf that I spray painted to match the CD shelf. I am not able to get a great picture of it because I cannot back up far enough! Remember, this room is small!!
This shelf holds finished mini-albums, ink pads, notebooks full of stamps that I do not use enough, quote books, etc.
What you are about to see next is potentially dangerous!!
And this is what sits on top of the bookshelf!
Yes, that is my collection of alphabets.
It is not a pretty sight, I know.
HOWEVER, I can find just about whatever I want in there! :)
I am taking suggestions for a better system.
Please let me know ;)
OK one more thing...I have these paper racks next to my primitive desk.
I bought them cheap when a local scrapbook store went out of business (booo!!). However, they are very helpful to hold my cardstock & older patterned paper that I have organized by color.
Well there you have it!
That is a little glimpse into my scrap space!
{and i am quite impressed if you are still reading!}
Have a great day!


Christie M said...

Love it. What's in your filing cabinets that hold up your door (desk?). That's how I file my Thickers/alpha hanging files by color. Then in each file folder I also have a manila folder to hold any "mini" letters. Just a thought...seems to work well. Thanks for sharing your room! :)

melissa said...

love all of your "thingy's"! have a great weekend!

KateB said...

no suggestions for the alphas unfortunately cause MINE look the same!! We both need those Clip-It_up thingees :) :)



To organize your alphas I suggest is perfect

VStarRider said...

Fabulous! Love how you've stashed a lot in such a tiny space!

*katie said...

LOVE all the bright colors! (found you through Creative Keepsakes:)

Cathy said...

I love your space. Small has it's advantages---been there many times! I am moving soon though and will have a bigger room now. I love the curtain idea to 'hide' things. And the filing cabinets are a great idea. I've seen a clip it up 'thingee' and it's very nice. It does take up a bit of space though. How about a strung clothes line with clothes pins---OMG I just thought of that---I'll have to use that! Happy scrapping! Cathy

mary h. said...

G and Cathy, you could also use a nice towel bar and use those curtain clip things to hang the alphas on.(I plan to do this for my bling...I think.) Right now all my Thickers and minis are in a small USPS flat rate box that I painted black. My larger sets like BG and MM are in a Cropper Hopper.