Saturday, December 25, 2010

I hope your Christmas has been better than mine!

I came down with a terrible case of the
Beiber fever.

Compliments of the brother-in-law!
But we did give him a catfish-shaped body pillow so I guess we are even.

Hope your day has been very merry!!
Off to eat more leftovers!


Just call me "B" said...

That's not a gag gift, my friend, that is an ebay GOLD MINE!!!

CJ said...

Oh, my! Kaitlyn is going to be SO jealous of you! She came over Christmas Eve with JB stickers on her shirt. I wished then that I had given in and gotten her the JB pj's she wanted {and I detested} so badly. I could have at least gotten her a poster. Bad Mommo... :)

CJ said...

From Kaitlyn- thats no fair!!!!!!!!!!!!! too cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!