Saturday, December 4, 2010

The mantle

In my house the mantle gets decorated first.
Then everything else comes together.
And basically I am just using Virginia's tumblr to decorate for the holidays!
She posted this a few weeks ago...
Lee would prefer everything to be decorated in blue.
So I let him be in charge of decorating his office & the laundry room.
It's a red & green & gold Christmas in the rest of the house!
Merry Christmas!


em said...

It looks great! We don't have a mantle here...soooo sad!

CJ said...

Very pretty! Thanks for the inspiraiton! I hope to get mine done today. I'll be using sand too. (I think that's what's in your jars) You'll have to post pictures of Lee's handiwork too. :)

Virginia said...

That looks so awesome! I'm going to add yours to my tumblr. :)

(I saw one of those Southern Living at Home angels at the thrift store the other day. I was shocked anyone would get rid of it!)

I need to see a Christmas decorated laundry room.

Jennifer said...

it's gorgeous!! :)

Lucy said...

I love your mantel! It looks gorgeous!!