Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the 3rd day of Christmas...{plus a great SALE!!}

my true love gave to me
3 Maya Road mini-albums!
Leave a comment telling me when you take your Christmas stuff down!
{I keep ours up through New Years then it must come down...even though we have been known to miss the tree pick up people and have a terribly dead & dried out tree chilling in our backyard for a few months.}
I will draw a winner on December 23rd and get this prize out to a lucky winner!
Be sure to check out the giveaways these girls have going on too:
Only 2 more days of giveaways so make sure you have commented everywhere!
OK about that SALE...
Check out Noel Mignon today!
{but only today!!}
EVERYTHING (except kits) is on sale!
If you order 2 kits or spend over $100 you will get 2 packs of American Crafts Thickers free!!
ALSO 5 lucky orders will have a random gift put in their box!
There are paper packs from MME, Cosmo, OA, 1 paid admission to Virginia's companion class...PLUS a copy of Adobe Illustrator.
Who will have a gift in their box??
It very well could be you!
So get your order in early!
One more cool thing at Noel Mignon today...
Today the January kit goes up for order!
Very Virginia it is called.
It's named after the fabulous Virginia Tillery!!
She helped put the kit together with some of her favorite styles, colors, textures and products.
{and she has very good taste!}
In addition, Virg will be offering a companion class to this kit in mid-January.
Very cool!
I already got my kit...yes sirreeeee!!
{Merry Christmas to moi!}
Go get yours while they are still available!!
Merry Christmas!


Denise said...

I leave it up til New Years since we have an artificial tree. I dread taking it down and putting it away each year, because it never fits back in the same boxes it came out of... I always end up with extra stuff that won't fit!

Heather V said...

My birthday is Epiphany (January 6) so we leave our Christmas stuff up through then :)

Luv2talk said...

Usually by New Year's, but I might leave out the 'winter' stuff a little longer. :)

Paige said...

Last year the tree came down on Dec. 27th....but that was because I had a scheduled c-sectioin for the 28th and knew that I wouldn't be able to deal with it then....but this year it will definitely stay up until the first week of least...maybe a bit longer.

SavannaLea said...

Ours comes down New Years Day usually, sometimes earlier, sometimes later... depends on what we have going on.

Linh C. said...

We dismantle everything the weekend after New Year's.

rhonda said...

Usually the 27th or 28th I am ready for it to come down but I leave all non Christmasy looking snowmen up thru Jan. and Feb.

mary h. said...

Our main artificial is usually up by Nov.1 and down the week following Christmas. This year it took me awhile to get up but it will be taken down the day after. Gotta get ready for Mr.Man;D

And V's kit...OMG!!! It is so like her. If I could afford it, believe me, it would already be on its way to my door.

Michele said...

I usually try to have my stuff down before New Year's.

Susan Pond said...

January 1st or 2nd

susanv said...

Usually New Year's Day, but we are putting our house on the market on Jan. 3 so it may come down a little earlier this year to get everything ready.

Stephanie Eaken said...

My son's bday is Jan 16 so I must have it all down by then!!!

Gretchen Krisher said...

We always take down our decorations on New Year's day - not a day before or a day after!

Nitasha said...

I usually take our Christmas decororations down the 1-3 days after Christmas. I have an issue with clutter...hmmm...maybe that's why I usually put our decor out the week before Christmas! LOL! It's the most wonderful time of the year, but I just can't have too much stuff out and for too long! LOL!

Sandy Ang said...

We take them down about 1 week before Chinese New Year. This being on the lunar calendar is between 3 to 4 weeks after Christmas.

K13 said...

I don't take the decorations down until after New Years...all that work to put everything up, I want to get all the time out of it that I can. LOL!!

Andy said...

after new years

jennj42 said...

I try to have the tree put up before the first teacher workday. If not by then, usually March:)

owliecupcake said...

I "try" to take it down by New Years bc I've always been told that it's bad luck to leave it up past then, but it honestly just depends on my off days. Plus, I just love looking at my pretty white tree. I am seriously considering leaving it up all year. :)

Lucy said...

I didn't put up much this year as we'll be out of town. I do, however, keep part of my collection of Santa out all year, just because they make me happy. What little that's up isn't alive, so can wait until after we get back and get rested.

Deana said...

Mine will be up through New Year's as we will celebrate with the inlaws over that weekend. Otherwise, I'd have it down the day after!!

michelestamps2 said...

We usually take them down on January 1st or 2nd...depending on when I have to go back to work.

Shannon Hager said...

We leave it up until the 2nd. My son's birthday is the 31st and the 1st is relaxing day.