Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A fish story

I came across this old layout as I was trying to better organize pictures on my computer the other day.
I made this layout back in 2008 and I am pretty sure I have never shared it.
So I am sharing it now.
{mostly because I am quite proud of my cute paper-pieced Nemo}
And here is the story...
Lee has a salt water aquarium.
I say Lee has one because he does all the work.
I do nothing but look at the pretty fish.
That aquarium is all him!
He will keep a few fish in there at a time.
Most die after a few months and he replaces them with something else pretty for me to look at.
And then there are the 2 clown fishies.
(the "Nemo" fish!)
I am not kidding you when I say those suckers are almost 9 years old!
He got them right around the time we got married 8.5 years ago.
They even survived the move from our apartment to our house about 7 years ago.
Seriously these fish might out live us!
I thought they were old in 2008!
It is half way through 2011 and they are still swimming!

This layout is basically about how any of the neighborhood kids that come by
(mostly likely trying to sell me something that of course I do not need but will buy anyway because they are just too cute)
always yell
"Hey, look! It's Nemo!"
every time they see the aquarium.

And they will probably continue to do this for years on end since these fish will not die!
Happy day!!

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