Monday, August 22, 2011

Goof ball

Did yall know that I am married to a comedian??!
Oh yeah, he thinks he is soooo funny goofing up all my pictures!!
Doesn't he know his face is going to stay that way if he keeps making faces like that??!
I used the Mary Ellen kit from Noel Mignon to make this layout.
And I totally ripped off the star idea from this layout by Maggie Holmes in the September issue of Creating Keepsakes.
Have yall seen the sneaks of the newest kit Noel is working on??

This one is called "Study Hall".

Doesn't it look fabulous??

Check out this thread to see even more sneaks for this new kit.
It goes up for preorder on August 25th!!
Happy Monday!!

1 comment:

Kimmie said...

That layout is so funny, Gretchen! My hubby does the same thing. Fortunately I can usually talk him into taking a "nice" photo, too. :o)

At least your hubby keeps you laughing... it's the secret to a lasting marriage. ;o)