Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2 kits and a 2-page layout

I've been playing with the Charm School and Homespun kits from Noel Mignon.
Ever run into the problem of wanting to make a 2-page layout but you don't have 2 sheets of the same patterned paper??
Well maybe I have a little tip for ya!
I have made a 2-page layout without having 2 sheets of the same patterned paper.
What I did was take 2 different sheets of 12x12 patterned paper and cut each in half
(so each sheet of paper ends up being 2 pieces of 6"x12" paper).
I used 2 pieces of plain ole white cardstock as the base of my layout.
Then I took one of the patterned papers that I cut in half and put one half on the far left side of my 2-page layout and the other half on the far right side of the layout.
Then I took the other sheet of patterned paper that I cut in half and added it to the middle of the 2-page layout.
Make sense??
Clear as mud??!

These honeycomb stickers (Jenni Bowlin) are in the Homespun kit and I think I used the whole sheet of them on this layout!

And there you have it...
a 2-page layout with 2 different sheets of patterned paper!
I feel like I should put something fun here to end this blog post.
But I recently found out that some people
do not like Wednesday being referred to as "hump day".
So I am at a total loss for words now!
See ya!

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