Monday, March 17, 2008

I am so sophisticated!

Those of you who really know me know that that is not true! However, I can at least feel a little sophisticated with this month's collection from Scrap in Style. The collection is called "The Sophisticate" and I love it! It is full of Basic Grey papers & ribbon (eat your heart out Katie), Heidi Swapp chipboard letters, mini Jenni Bowlin die cut paper, felt, buttons, woodgrain contact paper, and a few other random goodies. I had fun playing with this collection this weekend (after packing almost 600 kits for the Scrap Etc. event...that is a whole other post for later) and I thought I would share!

The layout above has pictures from Memory Trends '07 where I had fun meeting CD and hanging out with my SOY girls Janet, Paula, Ingunn, and Elizabeth.

The picture on the layout below is my friend Brooke's adorable little girl Abbey. A shout out and a thank you to Amanda Johnson (another of my SOY girls) for the cool editing on that picture!

Venture on over to Scrap in Style TV to look at more layouts using this collection and take a look at the new site. Jeanette and her team have been working hard to get the site spiffed up! And it looks so cool!
Happy St. Patricks Day, by the way!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Girls RULE!

OK somebody please laugh with me at this:
My father-in-law and brother-in-law were visiting us this past weekend.
For some odd reason yesterday our ice maker stopped working.
This was quite upsetting to me since I really love my ice!
However my father-in-law is quite handy so I thought he would fix it right up.
Well that was not the case.

For about 30 minutes while dinner was cooking all 3 guys (Lee included) were almost standing inside the refrigerator trying to fix the icemaker.
At one point they had taken everything apart and there were parts all over my kitchen table.
Then since they were defeated and quite flabbergasted by the crazy ice maker, most of the dinner conversation involved different theories as to what was wrong and how it could be fixed if they had this certain tool, etc., etc.

And this is where the "Girls RULE!" come into play...
So I get home from work today and forgetting that the icemaker isn't working, I try to get some.
I make an interesting discovery in the process.
See, if that little light is lit up under "ice off" then the icemaker will not work.
With one little push of a button...TADA, ice maker now working!
Let me repeat, "Girls RULE!" and no tools needed.
This has got to be a "how many men does it take to fix an ice maker joke?"!
Rock on.