Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm baaaack!

Back from Nashville and SIS Live, that is.
And it was fun!
I always enjoy putting faces & real names to avatars & screen names.
{even though I am the world's worst at actually recognizing folks based on their avatar!}
And my class went well.
Nobody threw tomatoes at me at least.
And everybody appeared to have a good time.

And they left with 3 completed {or mostly completed} layouts!
In other scrappy news, My Little Shoebox recently showed off their new lines that will be released at CHA in July.
There are 6 new lines:
{actually I don't think that one is called In Bloom-I think that is labeled wrong}
{and that one is obviously not really Robots Unplugged}
{I am pretty sure that is the correct In Bloom line}
One more thing...
I get to be the guest designer for Freehand Scraps in July.
I got to play with a kit full of Cosmo Cricket, Sassafras Lass, Pink Paislee, etc etc.
Here are a few peeks at what I made with the kit.

And I will share the real things at the first of the month!
It's another 4 day week for me since we will be closed on Friday for the 4th.
Monday does not seem so bad when it is a 4 day week.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Scrap in Style LIVE!

I am in Nashville teaching a class right now.
{and, yes, I think I am sooo clever to have recently figured out how to schedule posts to actually post at specific times}
{and, yes, I realize that I might be the last person on the planet who uses Blogger to have finally figured that out}
{technology is not my strong suit people!}
Anywhooo, "Kinda Sketchy" the class is called.
We are making layouts based on this simple sketch.

{see, similar to my Scrap Etc event class but with a twist and with some different products}

{this is my favorite one!!}
A big thanks to Hambly, American Crafts, My Little Shoebox, Living Room Floor and Scrap in Style Boutique for sponsoring this class!
Oops! I better get off the computer and get the class started!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

That was fun!

I have had alot of fun guest designing for Noel Mignon this month!
And the Rise and Shine kit I got to play with was fabulous!
{sorry, it is sold out}
I still have a few more things to share.
First, a little card using some scraps...

Supplies: Patterned paper (Pink Paislee, Crate Paper), Flower (Prima), Buttons (SEI), Rub-on (Crate Paper)
And a
layout of my husband and his brother and sister...

Supplies: Kraft (Scenic Route), Patterned papers (Cosmo Cricket, Crate Paper, My Minds Eye), Ribbon (Basic Grey), Ticket (Jenni Bowlin), Rub-ons (Crate Paper), Chipboard alphas (Pink Paislee)

And one more layout...
{this one actually came about as I scraplifted the layout above; love how it looks very different from the original!}

Supplies: Patterned paper (My Minds Eye, Pink Paislee, Jenni Bowlin), Flower (Prima), Chipboard alphas (Pink Paislee), Acrylic circle (Fancy Pants), Ribbon (Basic Grey)

I am heading out to teach at the Scrap in Style LIVE event in Nashville this weekend.
Looking forward to a good time!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My Little Shoebox monthly update coming up...
I got to play with the Enjoy Life line this time.
Yes, yes, that is Brittney, Kristin, and I striking a pose by a firetruck after we ran 3.1 miles on a hot Saturday morning.
What? You don't stop and take a picture by every firetruck you see??!
This next one is about my current playlist {obviously}.
Caroline Ikeji always does layouts about her playlists and I think it is a great idea.
How fun is it going to be to look back several years from now and see what I was listening to.
I mean, what if our parents could do that??!
My dad's playlist would go something like this: The Moody Blues, Buddy Holly, Supertramp, the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Simon & Garfunkel, etc etc.

OK this one just makes me laugh.
Lee & I have been cleaning out closets lately and going through stuff.
We came across this ceramic pie plate thingy that we had gotten as a wedding gift.
Oh how it makes us laugh every time we see it!
{click on layout to make it larger & please read the journaling-it is hilarious}
Since we will not keep this lovely piece forever I decided to do a layout about it so the great memory would not be forgotten!
Check out the My Little Shoebox blog for more great projects by the rest of the design team!
Also be on the lookout for some cute sneak peeks from My Little Shoebox of all the new stuff that will be debuted at CHA next month!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

4 day week for me!

Because I am leaving Thursday for Nashville and the Scrap in Style Live event.
All of my kits are packed so I am ready to go!
Here are a few peeks of the layouts we will be making...

And my favorite one...
This class is similar to my Scrap Etc event class but with a twist and using different product for the most part.
I may have a couple of class kits leftover because of course I have packed too many.
If you are interested in one, let me know (
Speaking of classes, I am going to be teaching at Sweet Memories Scrapbooks in Carollton, GA August 15-16th.
They are doing a fun event to celebrate their one year anniversary!
I am going to teach 2 classes.
One will be an album class using lots and lots of the Cherry Hill line from October Afternoon.
Check out just some of the stuff I get to use:
I am pretty excited about that!
The other class is a layout class-more info on that one later when I actually figure it out!
If you are around the Carollton area, you should come to the event!
It will be fun!!
And because yesterday was the first official day of summer...
Supplies: Patterned paper, transparency, die cut (My Little Shoebox), Brad (KI Memories)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It is a special day

Supplies: Cardstock (Prism), Patterned paper (Fancy Pants), Twill, Brads (Basic Grey)
All supplies from May Scripts kit

Have a great one!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shout out

To my sweet friend Nubia who is celebrating her birthday today!
{I think she is 21...again!}
Supplies: Cardstock (Prism), Patterned paper ( KI Memories), Journaling notebook pages (Making Memories), Alpha stickers (October Afternoon), Rick rack
All supplies from June
Scripts kit.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Once upon a time...

OK not really.
But somebody did request that I tell how I got into running.
So I thought I would share.
Even though the more I think about it, I realize that it is not a real dramatic story with warm fuzzies or anything.
Basically, I just took advice from Nike: JUST DO IT

Boring background info...
I ran some during physical therapy school and even did a 1/2 marathon with some of my classmates.
It was all in an effort to lose the freshman 40 that I put on in college and could not seem to shake.
Then I got engaged and in order to look good in my dress, I kept running.
However, the day after we got married I quit.
And I got really lazy.
And then the freshman 40 started to creep back.
That was in 2002-2003.
Now fast forward to the summer of 2007...
I do well with goals.
I like to have something to work toward.
I like to have people to keep me accountable.
And I needed something to get my butt in gear again.
So my brothers and I got a wild hair to run the Disney marathon in January of 2008.
We thought it would be something fun that we could do together and it gave us all a goal to work toward.
I had ~6 months to go from running 0 miles to 26.2 miles.
And it was a hot Alabama summer.
Yes, I had done some running before.
But I was starting from scratch here.
So I just started doing something.
{for some reason, i do not like being "confined" to a certain training program. i am stubborn i guess. my way is probably not the best way to do it. there are many good training programs out there. take advantage of them. don't use mine.}
This is a good training program:
Cool Running Couch to 5K
Soooo I started by making it my goal to walk/run for 30 minutes as many days a week as I could.
I would walk some, then run a few minutes, walk some more and then run some.
Gradually I was be able to run more than I could walk.
There were days that really stunk and I did not make my 30 minute goal.
There were days that were really good so I tried to go longer than 30 minutes.
{keep in mind that I started doing this during the heat of the summer, so i did do some of my running inside on a treadmill. experts would probably tell you that this is not a good idea since the treadmill is not at all like running on solid ground. you know, the ground doesn't move for you like the treadmill does. but, being the stubborn person that i am, i figured that it was better to be doing something rather than nothing because it was too hot outside!}
And after about 3 months I could run 3 miles without stopping.
It wasn't pretty nor was it fast, but I could do it.
I was still a long way from where I needed to be by January, but I was on my way at least.
So I just gradually built on what I could do.
During the week I would try to do 3-5 miles Monday-Thursday.
Not everyday was a good one, so I did not always get as far as I wanted.
And some days I just did not feel like doing anything at all.
So I really tried to take advantage of the days where I felt really good.
Friday was a day off.
Saturdays became "long runs" where I would go 6, 7, 8...13, 14, 15 miles.
Sunday was a day off.
I never got as far as I probably should have according to most marathon training programs, but when marathon day came around I was able to do it.
I probably walked about a mile or so of the 26.2, but I did it.
And that sense of accomplishment is like no other!
It was even cooler to have trained for it and completed it with my brothers.

Then I just kept running.
I promise that it gets easier.
I still like setting goals and working toward stuff.
I still have days {many days} where I feel terrible and don't make it very far.
It does help to have fun friends to run with and keep me accountable.

And I really like the sense of accomplishment and how good I feel on a day when I run.

{and you should feel a sense of accomplishment if you have read this whole thing}.
I am no expert by any means but if you have any questions, let me know.
And being a physical therapist, I highly recommend several specific leg strengthening exercises.
If you want 'em, let me know and I will hook you up.
Happy running!


Monday, June 15, 2009

KI challenge!

It is my day to do a challenge over on the KI blog.
My challenge is simple: Use glitter!
(Supples are all KI Memories: Pop Culture patterned paper, Bloom chipboard accent, Chunky red alpha stickers, Festive glitter icons & stickers, Little Guy border stickers, School Days brads)
Play along and link us up to your creation over on the KI blog!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just wanted to say...

Supplies: My Little Shoebox (chipboard alphas, tiny alphas, & die cut)

Anybody have any good printer suggestions?
I need one that prints great pictures (and I am picky because what I lack in photography skills I like to make up in great printing) but also prints regular stuff.
Basically I need a real printer, not one that only prints photos.
But it needs to print delicious pictures.
Surely I am not asking for too much.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why am I so into making cards lately?

1. I am still trying to overcome my fear of cards.
2. My good ole HP printer is on the fritz. So now when I print a picture, anything that is supposed to be blue in the picture looks red & purple striped. That makes for some crazzzzzy pictures. It is very sad, actually-the slow death of this fabulous printer. And even sadder is the lack of moola in the budget for a new one. We did just get a new roof put on our house and have it painted. Dang home repairs!
But I still have to get my crafty fix so cards it is!
Here are a couple that I made using my June Scripts kit.
This one is for a friend getting married later this month.
{I was excited about the tulle in the kit for this one!}
And this one is a combination of some of the yummy October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket goodies in the kit.
Here is one using the fun Enjoy Life line from My Little Shoebox.
**the card is missing because it is going to be in the April issue of Cards!**
Speaking of My Little Shoebox, check this contest out!
My Little Shoebox has teamed up with Becky Fleck to do a contest using one of Becky's great PageMaps.
The contest ends June 28th.
I hope you will play along!
{if you do, send me a link to your layout because I wanna see it!}
I made these cards for the KI blog recently.
These 2 cards are using the fun, new Juicy Summer line. And I made this one using a combination of the new Girly Girl and Princess lines.
Now check out this post on the KI blog.
If you have never won a prize from there, leave a comment and they will draw a random winner for some KI goodies!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In light of my last post...

Do you like to scrapbook?
Ever been interested in running?
Do you want to be a little healthier?
Want to work toward achieving a cool goal?
Need some encouragement and accountability to achieve that goal?
Want to help out a good cause?
Want to hang out and goof off with a bunch of great women with a similar goal?
Then pul-lease check this out:
Running with Scissors
I am very excited about it!
I think it is going to be really, really cool!
{and lots of fun of course!}
Let me know if you have any questions.

{anybody already signed up??}

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yes you can

OK I feel like I need to address an issue.
I have gotten a few too many emails that go something like this, "I would really like to run but there is no way I can do it" or "I can't run to the end of my driveway" or "There is no way I could ever be a runner".
blah, blah, blah
I am tired of these emails.
You girls {because I am pretty sure no males read this} need a little pep talk and some self-confidence.
Now I tried out to be a cheerleader in the 7th grade.
I was devastated when I didn't make it.
I vowed I would never cheerlead again.
Well, girls, I am breaking that vow and getting my pom poms out right now!
Two bits, four bits...
{OK not really}
Seriously, people, you can run!!
You can do it!
Want to be able to run a 5k (3.1 miles)??
I promise you that you can do it.
And it does not have to be complicated.
Don't let it be too overwelming.
Don't think about that being soooooooo far.
It is all about baby steps.
{anybody see that movie with Bill Murray called "What about Bob?"}
{baaaby steps, baaaby steps}
I bet if you went outside right now and said you were going to walk 3.1 miles you could do it.
You know you can walk that far.
Now add a little bit of running into it.
And tomorrow add a little bit more.
And then a little more.
And a little more.
And eventually you will get to where you can run that entire 3.1 miles.
You can do it!
It will take some work.
It will take a little time and a good pair of shoes.
But you can do it!
Let me know if I can help.
But no emails that say, "I run like an elephant".
Now go get your run on.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend update

Alas, another lovely weekend draws to a close.
But a good weekend it was.
I finished New Moon Friday night, made a run to Target {of course} to buy Eclipse, ended up buying both Twilight & New Moon while I was there {I had just borrowed them from 1 of my 1,000,000 friends who have read them already}, and proceeded not to even start Eclipse despite my rush to purchase it.
I got a nice box of Hambly goodies to use in my SIS Live class.
{who's coming??! come scrap with us! it is the last weekend of this month}
I scrapped and then stayed up way too late talking to this girl.
But then she hopped in the car and drove 2 1/2 hours back home...brave soul.
And I hopped in the bed.
Got a surprise visit from the parents about lunch time.
They were probably such proud parents to see me looking so rough on a Sunday morning.
{my excuse: duh, like 3 hours of sleep!)
I made a layout for the challenge that is going up at Noel Mignon tomorrow.

The weather here was beautiful all weekend and I did enjoy it.
However my legs are still pasty white.
And now I am tired!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pulling myself away

Pulling myself away from New Moon, that is.
I was warned that I would not like this book as much as the first, that it was much slower.
Uh, yeah, I am about 375 pages into it and I am waiting for it to slow down.
I did not dare take it with me to work today for fear that I would be tempted to neglect patients to read the next chapter.
Anywoo, I better make this post count because I might get lost with the vampires again real soon.
So I get to be a guest designer for Noel Mignon this month!
{I think I have already mentioned that}
I did my first post over on her project/inspiration blog today and here is what I shared:
I got to play with the Rise & Shine kit this month!
It is packed full of goodness & some of my favorite stuff: My Minds Eye, Crate Paper, Pink Paislee, Cosmo Cricket, and Scenic Route patterned papers; great Jenni Bowlin embellies; buttons; chipboard; brads; flowers; brads; glitter; and more!
Here is a simple card using some of the My Minds Eye & Pink Paislee patterned paper, Crate Paper rub-ons, and Scenic Route chipboard.
{it has been removed for publication}

And here is a layout I made using some of the My Minds Eye and Cosmo Cricket patterned papers and Pink Paislee chipboard alphas.
{the colors in this kit scream summer to me!}

On another note, I entered this layout into Becky Fleck's most recent sketch contest.
{sidenote: none of the stuff on this layout actually came in the kit I received from Noel Mignon, however, it might as well have! Some of the Pink Paislee & My Minds Eye papers are the same! I guess I have been in a green/orange-y mood lately}

I did not win anything in the contest but I like how this layout turned out!
{I guess since there are no more major scrapbooking contests anymore I was needing my competition fix. hehe}
You can see the great layouts that did win in Becky's June newsletter.
Sorry for the randomness of this post.
It must be the vampires.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well what do you know

Looks like I wasn't MIA for too long after all.
Probably because I already finished Twilight.
{I might have taken it to work and read it when I had a patient cancel}
And I refuse to start New Moon until tomorrow.
So since I have a few minutes I thought I would update the ole blog & share a few things.
First, another card I made with the Rise & Shine kit from Noel Mignon:
Then I card I made for the sketch challenge over on the October Afternoon blog last week:
And a card I made for the challenge this week over on the American Crafts blog:
SIS Live class update:
Woo hoo!!
Both Hambly and American Crafts are going to help sponsor my class.
In other event news, did you see this latest Scrap Etc event announcement??
Check it out here!
This one is going to be fabulous!
It will be scrapbooking of course.
But also it will be about you and health and goals and achievements, etc etc.
I have a whole long post about this so check back.
But, seriously, you can do it.
I promise!
Until next time...
{or until I finish New Moon maybe}