Monday, September 29, 2008

More sharing

Quick post here...because it is almost midnight here and I was really going to try to start
going to bed a little earlier this week.
It might not be possible.
I think I am an eternal night owl.
Thanks, Mom, for that.

But anyway, more layouts to share.
These are from Scrap in Style's newest collection called The Bookworm.
The papers are new designs from SIS called "Mod Sheets".
They are very cool with a couple or a few different patterns on a 12x12 sheet.
For instance, in the layout below, that is 1 sheet of paper with both patterns on it.
I just used the ribbon to hide where the patterns meet.
And for some reason I felt compelled by the name of the collection to do a layout about books I have read (or really plan to read).
I might eventually get around to those Twilight books.
And one more layout with the Bookworm.
Those little brown letters are not in the collection however.
I got those the other day from Scrap Etc.
I regret buying only 1 package.
I will be getting more.
Look at me going vintage.
Virginia and Katie would be so proud.
Heads up friends!
It is National Card Making Day (or is it World Card Making Day?) this Saturday.
Plan to make your way over to Scrap Etc. because we will have some cool card kits for sale, a card make 'n take, and a chance for you to win a bunch of handmade cards.
Hope to see you there!
Good night folks!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Well once again I have been a big ole slacker when it comes to updating this blog.
I have got to do better!
But if you like seeing layouts, then maybe you won't mind because my lack of posting means I've got lots of layouts saved up to share!
Wanna see??
These next few things are my My Little Shoebox projects for September.
This layout is about our herb garden and me not knowing what the heck to do with all those herbs!
(Click on the layout to make it larger & you can read the journaling.)

This is just a fun little gift bag that I made from an Accucut die.

This is a card that I also posted over on the Memory Makers Masters blog last week using more My Little Shoebox products and the new Dymo label maker (new and improved, I might add!).
(on a sidenote...maybe the reason why I am having such a hard time maintaining this blog is because I am actually having to keep up with 2 blogs! AH HA! See, I am also posting over on the Masters blog once a week. So if I am scarce here, look for me over there!)

OK back to the layouts.

Here are a couple of layouts using my September Scripts kit from Scrap Etc.
This is me and B working toward our goal of the Disney marathon!

My dad and Stuart made a trip up to Boston over Labor Day to visit David.
Apparently no girls were invited...all I got was pictures.
I keep trying to add stuff to this layout because it just seems too plain and not my favorite thing I have ever made.
But then I remember that my brothers are on it and that nobody will see anything else so I just leave it alone.

A crazy thing happened since I last updated.
I am now a part of the KI Memories design team!
I am not exactly sure how my name snuck onto that list, but I am afraid to ask for fear they might take me off of it!
This is my first official layout for the team...and it was late.
It for the "focus on..." challenge on the KI blog but I sent it in a few hours too late
So you get an exclusive look at it here instead! HA!
I used one of the new sheer delights as the background but this scan does not do it justice (it has cute scalloped edges that you can see if you look really hard).
Thanks to Virginia for this picture. :)
And one more thing before I go...who is coming to Birmingham November 7-8 for Wrapper's Delight??
If you are already signed up, you are going to thoroughly enjoy yourself and crop to your heart's content!!
If you are not signed up, you need to seriously look into making the trip!
It is going to be a blast!
I am so excited that My Mind's Eye, My Little Shoebox, and American Crafts are sponsoring my class.
I am doing a little "Holiday Trio" class where we are going to make 3 double-page layout: 1 Halloween layout, 1 Thanksgiving layout, and 1 Christmas layout.
It is going to be a fun class and you will walk away with 3 completed layouts!
Let me know if you have any questions.
Do check it out!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who took time to go and vote for Katie.
She did not win.
It was an injustice.
I am pretty sure the contest was rigged.
No offense to the winner.
I just love Katie and her book.
On a happier note, PAIGE is the winner of some goodies from me for voting!

(Since you are a local, Paige, I will just leave everything at the store for you...but probably not until Wednesday)
I promise a better post soon, very soon.
I do have some stuff to share but it is getting late and I must go run.
Or I will not be able to keep up with Brittney-with-2-t's.
Happy Monday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vote for Katie!

Katie is in the finals of the BHG Scrapbooks Etc. Ultimate Challenge!
She pulled out a big win in week 10 and is now in the finals.
But she still needs our votes to win it all!
The challenge for the finals was to make an "all about me" mini-album.
This is the one Katie made.
Unfortunately this picture is cute but does not do the album justice!
It folds out with different pages going in different directions and all kinds of pockets and tags, etc.
It's awesome I tell ya!
So go VOTE!
You can vote here.
Think of this as practice for November.

And I will make a deal with you. If you go vote for Katie, then come back here and leave a comment telling me that you voted, I will enter your name into a drawing for some scrapbooking goodies! You can vote everyday for a week so vote everyday, tell me about it, and get your name entered multiple times.
So what are you waiting for?? GO VOTE!!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a day!

It started off by running late to work.

Then I dropped a bit of my breakfast bar on my shirt while eating it at work since I was running late and did not get to eat it before I got to work.

I noticed on my way home from lunch that the concealer under my left eye that I put there to try to cover the dark circles did not get rubbed in too well and was instead all nice and splotchy for everyone to see.

When I got home I happened to notice that the tank top I was wearing under a v-neck top was on inside out. Fabulous. And I did not even get dressed in the dark.

Then on my way back to work after lunch I dropped my opened (of course) lipstick into my lap. Yep, khaki pants today, not black ones. I also managed to get it on the seat of my car. I am pretty sure that won’t come out.

Let me remind you that I do not have any kids to blame any of this on.

By this time I want to crawl back into bed and just wake up tomorrow without breakfast bar on my shirt or lipstick in my lap.
But I manage to make it through the rest of the afternoon without further disaster.
But when I pull up to my house, I see this sitting on my doorstep:
And I have not had such a good day in a long while!

A big ole THANK YOU to all of the generous sponsors who hooked me up!
And another THANKS to Patty Craft and Katie Hilbert and the rest of the Memory Makers staff who strategically packed a whole bunch of scrapbooking goodness into this fabulous box.

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another class!

I am teaching a new & improved version of the "Happiness is..." class I taught for Junktiz a couple of years ago.
I love the theme of this album so I can't get away from it!
Anyway I am teaching this as an online class at Scrap in Style.
It starts on Monday September 8th and it will run for 5 days.
Here is a little class description for ya:
Create a fun, colorful mini-album that focuses on the good things happening in your world! In this class you will use a mix of supplies like patterned paper, ribbon, chipboard, stickers, rub-ons, punches, flowers, buttons, etc. to make this album. You will learn techniques and hopefully learn new things that you can use later in your own scrapbooking. But also you will be made to think and reflect and journal about the positive, happy things in your life. Come and have fun scrapbooking with us!
I would love for you to join me!
Sign up here.
Happy Friday friends!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Updated blog = Productivity. Go figure

So I am having a totally lazy Labor Day.
That is probably what the day is supposed to be for but I am feeling a wee bit guilty right now for my lack of productivity.
Is it strange that when I thought, "What can I do to make myself feel a little productive?" my first response was, "Oh! I should update my blog!"
My response was not to fold the clothes sitting in my dryer or clean up my scraproom or clean out my car (Heaven forbid!) or return the pants that I bought at Old Navy last week (not too small but too short. why do I keep thinking my long legs will fit into their short britches?).
My response was instead to get on the computer. Geez.
But it is a holiday for goodness sake!!

Anyway, I forgot that I have not yet shared my My Little Shoebox layouts for August.
This is a 2-pager (click on it to see it larger) about my friend Nubia.
Here is the journaling on this one:
I love my sweet, petite, little friend Nubia.
I feel gigantic standing next to
her 5-foot-nothing little frame.
And this snapshot of me patting her on the head
(which is really a mistake of a picture)
just cracks me up!
This little cutie belongs to our friends Erika and Brad. When they were at our house recently Kylie managed to pick almost all of the tomatoes off of Lee's tomato plants.
But, seriously, with those big blue eyes, how could we be upset?!
And a little card that looked alot cooler in my head but I guess it turned out pretty cute.
I hope you are having a great (and productive) Labor Day!