Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Hope you are having a great holiday season!
(be back after all craziness has subsided)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wanna come??

Check out all the info here at the Scrap Etc. events site.
Elizabeth Kartchner
Jessica Sprague
Margie Romney-Aslett
Jenni Bowlin
and at least 1 more to come!
If you have been before, you must come back!
If you have not ever been, you must check it out!
It will be worth the trip!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So many things to do... little time.
Where does the time go? I am pretty sure the clock moves twice as fast during the holidays.
So I am playing catch up!
Bear with me.
Lee and I celebrated an anniversary on Monday so I only feel it appropriate to share this layout.
6 years baby!
Sure doesn't feel like that long. But I guess that is a good thing.
Look! He has short hair!

I am way behind on this one but maybe it is because it highlights one of my many quirks. Ha!
This one I made from the November Scripts kit.
(a good kit this one was & this layout does not do it justice!)
Speaking of kits, here are a couple of things I made with one of the December collections from Scrap in Style.
This one is called The Girl Next Door and it is on sale now!
I made this layout with pockets to hold all the Christmas cards that I cannot bear to throw away. Here is the layout before I put the cards in it.
I have made another one of these layouts using the December Scripts kit to hold my 2008 cards & I will be posting it along with easy instructions over on the MMM blog later this week.
I will be sure to link it up here too though.

Here's another one with The Girl Next Door collection.
I dug up some old pictures for this one.
Notice the date: 1997.
Don't be jealous of my chubby cheeks.

If you are in need of some crafty Christmas inspiration, be sure to be checking out the MMM blog this month.
We have been posting all kinds of fun stuff!
Here's a little peek of a notebook I made to keep up with all my Christmas shopping.
I used the December Scripts kit for this and you can see the whole thing here: MMM blog (you may have to scroll down a few posts to get to the notebook).

OK that catches me up for a bit.
Have a great day!

True fans

True fans will rush out of a party they drove 4 1/2 hours to attend and make a mad dash to anywhere in the middle of nowhere Georgia that is showing the big game.
True fans will drive and drive and not stop for gas until they are practically running on fumes hoping to make it somewhere in time for kick off.
True fans will take a keen interest in this sign inside of this Citgo in the metropolis of Eatonton, GA.
True fans get really excited to find a 48" flatscreen TV with HD inside a dark, quiet room filled with comfy padded chairs and all the snacks & drinks they could ever eat just a few yards away.

True fans make sure the quiet room does not stay that way for long as they cheer on their favorite team.
True fans partake in a yummy dinner during halftime at the delicious meet & 3 restaurant attached to the Citgo.
True fans hold out hope for a comeback until the last possible tick of the clock.
True fans are pleased with the season that went much better than expected.
True fans are excited to even be part of the SEC championship game.
True fans hope that Tebow gets the Heisman...again. I mean, how can you not route for a guy with Phil. 4:13 on his eye black??!
True fans will route for Florida to beat Oklahoma in the national championship game...badly.
True fans will go buy new crimson t-shirts and are eagerly awaiting next season.
and Roll Tide!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can I get a ROLL TIDE!?!!

I think it only appropriate that today I share my latest contribution to the KI gallery and then ask for a favor.
Today is a big day: SEC championship game in the Georgia Dome against a hot Florida team. And I am not just referring to Tebow-the whole team is on fire right now.
Every game Lee has watched wearing a new crimson t-shirt while sitting on our upstairs couch.
And he has become ridiculously superstitious about it this year. See layout journaling.
Well today of all days is his grandmother's 85th birthday and the family is celebrating with her in her hometown just south of Atlanta.
And we will be there also.
Which means that we will not be wearing our crimson t-shirts while sitting on our upstairs couch to watch the game.
Oh, horror.
So I please ask that all Alabama fans cheer extra loudly, wave an extra flag or pom pom, cross another finger...whatever it takes to make up for what the McElveens will not be able to contribute today.
If they lose, we will take full responsibility.
**Please note: Lee did test the theory a little bit during last Saturday's game by wearing a sweatshirt over his crimson t-shirt and watching part of the game from our bedroom rather than the couch. So maybe there is hope after all.**

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well... much for trying to update this thing twice a week.
It is already December??!! What the heck.
OK quickie rundown of life right now.

1. Thanksgiving was yummy and fun. Had my parents and Stuart at my house Wednesday night then drove to Chattanooga to spend some time with Lee's dad and brother. All leftovers have either been eaten or properly disposed of.

2. I did no Black Friday shopping. But I did brave Sears on Saturday where I walked around the tools/hardware/guy crap section looking like a fish out of water I am sure all to save like $10 on a couple of things that I really have no idea what they even are & hope to never use myself.

3. I am still running. Stuck at 16 miles and battling a bit of knee pain (but only on long runs really). I might have to do something drastic like give up Dr. Pepper completely until I get to 20. Geez, B, you are putting pressure on me.
4. Uh, the marathon is in like 5 weeks. crap.

6. Bye, bye Tommy.

7. I have been scrapping. Will share more later. But I did post this little tag album I made last year (or maybe it was the year before) over on the MMM blog.

8. I am sleepy. And I am trying to get more sleep lately. But only until January 11-then I will go back to my night-owlish ways. It is interfering with my scrapping time.

On that note, I am out.
Good night.