Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh for goodness sake

I am on facebook now.
I could not withstand the peer pressure any longer.
I better not get any emails asking why I am not updating this blog.
You can just assume that the answer will be because the evil,
time-sucking facebook has my attention now.
And you all better be my friends.
I only have 6 right now and that pretty much makes me a looser in facebook world.


Nubia said...

Ha! seeing as I am not on facebook I will be nagging you about your blog!

Anonymous said...

well, what's your name on there or i can't add you. can't seem to find you by just gretchen mcelveen.

Jennifer said...

Ha ... I searched under your name and found this:


Amy L said...

I searched for you too...would love to be friends!

amy said...

whoop oof to find you.