Saturday, June 5, 2010

MLS + Punky Sprouts

Back in the saddle!
Back to blogging after a little break last week!
Punky Sprouts hooked the My Little Shoebox team up with fun albums to play with this month!
I got to play with this one called "Savvy Sprout".
I took a little inspiration from Katie who always makes the coolest planners, the All a Flutter line from My Little Shoebox, some red paint, a few buttons & bling, a Sakura pen, & my Bind-It-All and made this journal/organizer.

I actually took the entire book apart before I started anything.
I painted or covered with patterned paper all the chipboard pages of the album.
And then I put the Bind-It-All to good use!
I used it to re-punch holes in the pages I covered with patterned paper.
I also used it to punch holes in regular copy paper and notebook paper to add more pages to my organizer.
Here I printed out monthly calendars for the rest of the year & used the Bind-It-All to punch holes in them so I could add them to the front of the book. I looove the flowers in this line!
I made a little pocket to hold coupons.
{i am really trying to do the coupon thing but seems like i always end up at the store without the correct coupon!}
I messily painted the canvas pages of the album and then used a black Sakura pen to label the sections.
This is just plain ole white copy paper that I will use for sketches and ideas.
I think this may be a better way to keep up with receipts I need to save rather than stuffing them in the bottom of my purse.
{however i almost hate to change my system after it has been working all these years!}
I recycled an old notebook & used the pages as part of this book instead.
The end!
Wow, you are still here!??
Thanks for looking!
Hope you are having a great weekend!


Virginia said...

And this is why you are the Master. I love love love this. :) Especially the canvas page. And your receipt organization. :)

Deanna said...

IIII want one! C'mon Masta, make me one please!

Lisa said...

Super cute!! i love those flowers - you did good!!

jennj42 said...

Super cute!

Katie Burnett said...

Gretch. This is the bomb diggity! I looooooooove it!!!! What an awesome idea : )

I also like the receipt organization.

Also, that Deanna just called you Masta

Kelli said...

such a cutie book :0) I love it ;)

TheDavisBunch said...

You're so smart. This is really cute.

jenney said...

Sooo cute!!