Sunday, July 10, 2011

Butterflies {and Justin Bieber}

OK really this post is about the July kit reveal
from Midnight Rooster.
But I made you look!
The July kit is appropriately named
"Butterfly Stampede".
How fun is that??!!
And here is what I made...

That is a simple one about the park where I usually run.
I made the "grass" by just messily cutting some green cardstock.
In hindsight I think I should have made the grass go all the way across the bottom of the page, but, eh, I am too lazy to change it now!
This next layout I think is my favorite this month.
Not exactly sure why though.
It might be because I adore that piece of Sassafras paper.
{and I came across another sheet of it while cleaning up my scrap room this evening! score! speaking of scoring, did anyone catch the US/Brazil World Cup game today?? freaking amazing! ok back to scrapping...}
Or maybe it is my favorite because I think I am so clever using the movie ticket stubs!
I never throw them away but usually they just stay in a shoe box under the bed.
And you can add Transformers to that list since the layout was made!
I did mention Justin Bieber didn't I??
Well the fact that my "infatuation" with Justin Bieber has been blown way out of proportion and that my brother-in-law got me a cardboard cut-out JBiebs for Christmas needed to be documented.
And he will totally be getting a Miley Cyrus as payback this year!
Now go get you a kit!!
Tomorrow I will share the cards I made with the kit.
But right now I must get some shut eye!


Luv2talk said...

Love your look; always have. It's uniquely you, and very refreshing. TFS

ferrellgraph-x said...

Oh how very funny!
I love your scrapbook page!
Kindest regards,
Jennifer ferrell