Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MORE Bella Blvd SNEAKS!!

Let's hear it for a much-needed & super-cool new sports line!!

Stars are some of my go-to shapes.
And this line has lots of fun stars!
I love the variety of colors in this line!

Make sure to be checking in at the Bella Blvd blog too
for a chance to win some of the new stuff!!
One more day of sneak peeks
then I am showing off the full projects!

You know what is hard to spell??
I mean, is that even correct?
Is it "sneek peeks"?
or "sneak peaks"?
or "sneek peaks"?
Good grief!
I am going cross-eyed!
And yall know that spelling stuff correctly is not one of my fav{e} things to do!

1 comment:

Katie Burnett said...

G. I am catching up on several posts at once. First your work is, as always, brilliant. U r cracking me up w the hex hall stuff. Finally, u r such a super model it's not even funny. Is there some beautiful on the inside and outside contest I can enter you in?