Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Want to see what my new most favorite hobby is??

So you've heard of road biking & mountain biking, right??!
But have you heard of cyclocross??

Cyclocross is kind of a cross between the two!
{get it??!}
It's kind of like biking on an obstacle course.
And I love it!
I mean I love mountain biking, but this is just plain fun!
And kind of painful!

See a cyclocross course is 1-2 miles long & a race involves laps around the course as fast as you can for a set amount of time.
The length of your race depends on what category you are in {like beginner, intermediate, expert, etc). 
Right now I am still "beginner" so I only have to race 30 minutes. 
But woah! It's a hard 30 minutes!

A cyclocross course is usually over grass, dirt, & gravel.
There might be a little paved road along the course but that's a luxury.
There are tight turns, quick hills, maybe a sand pit or 2.

And barriers!
Part of cyclocross involves getting off your bike and carrying it over obstacles. 
Sometimes you even have to go up or down stairs with your bike!
I actually look like I know what I am doing here...excellent photography!

The environment during these races is super fun. 
Because the course is pretty short, it is easy to spectate and see a lot of action.
And there is quite a bit of heckling that goes on!
It's all in good fun, but I have had to thicken my skin a bit!
So who wants to come play with me??!


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